S-400 missiles are not aimed at NATO and ISIS

The fact that the final decision of Turkey on the purchase of air defense systems s-400 from Russia, and official announcement fell on the anniversary of the coup attempt on 15 July, without a doubt, has the character of a discrete signal to the Western countries and the United States. Under present condition s-400 missiles, which for Turkey will be the first air defense systems large and medium-range, regarded as an antidote to many different points of view. Openly shows why the US and NATO are opposed to the purchase of systems With-400, but in light of the events in Syria, Turkey came back and saw his friends and enemies. Therefore, Turkey does not believe the statements of officials of the United States. We can say that the source of the problem of the credibility of the US and NATO by Turkey is the fact that for five revolutions, which in the past had a place in Turkey, and finally, plans and projects of the occupation and the partition of Turkey by fomenting civil war 17-25 December 2013 (the corruption scandal “Big bribe”, which was involved four Ministers and the son of Recep Tayyip Erdogan — approx. TRANS.) and July 15, 2016, as it turned out, were the United States and NATO. Despite all these facts and the fact that Turkey for 65 years is to NATO, the Pentagon continues to jerk us around a known lie and claim that the use of air defense systems of Russian origin would entail serious problems from the point of view of their integration with systems that are jointly used by other countries — members of NATO. It is, frankly, pretty funny. We, as a Yankee, pretending to be fools. Let’s say that in the case of purchase of s-400 until the missiles that are directed against terrorist organizations such as ISIS, “al-Nusra” (al-Qaida) (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) people’s protection Units (YPG). I wonder believe? Because representatives of that terrorist state know better than anyone that whether missiles aimed at the terrorist organization or the Yankees — the result would be the same.

Using false documents, fictional, CIA — the secret service of America, terrorist and gangster state, fluent in the methods of psychological warfare and black propaganda, was deposed regime of Saddam Hussein after the start of operations by the international coalition military against Iraq on 20 March 2003. The second Gulf war went down in history as the first event, zastabilizirovalsia the middle East region and involved in the quagmire, which claimed the lives of over a million innocent civilians. It was started with the aim of destroying weapons of mass destruction, which was not (!) Saddam. Speaking in the Senate in 2004, U.S. Secretary of state Colin Powell (Colin Powell) said that the CIA misinformed him, not rely to any serious proof that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. The CIA and the Pentagon, which operated on false intelligence, has given rise to the beginning of the destabilization of the Middle East and civil wars, these days I wish to play a similar game against Turkey. The US administration, which narrowed the space for maneuver in Syria, have launched a psychological war against Turkey with the aim to sabotage Astana process, to protect and strengthen the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD). Slander, spoken from the lips of the special representative of the trump in the coalition against ISIS Brett Makhorka (Brett McGurk), the fact that Turkey supports associated with “al-Qaeda” organization in Northern Syria (such as “EN-Nusra”), also detects an operation that is being waged against Turkey with the goal of a comprehensive intervention. The United States conducted a major operation in the formation of public opinion, to represent Turkey in the status of “States that promote terrorism”, prepared forged documents and intelligence. Disrupting the plans of Russia and Turkey in the direction of order in Syria with the inclusion of Idlib in the project areas of de-escalation and isolation “an-Nusra”, blaming Turkey for the resumption of clashes on the basis of false statements, the US open hinted to Russia that they — her partner in this process.

As noted by some Russian military experts in the field of missile systems, Turkey’s relations with the US and the EU are problematic. Turkey is afraid to be in the following situation: if she buys Western missile systems in the event of any conflict, they can be deactivated by a special signal. In other words, are translated in a mode in which you can’t use them. These systems also have software and hardware. At the time, Saddam Hussein fell into this trap. Until the second Gulf war Hussein had bought a large number of French missile systems and modern military aircraft. When he tried to use these weapons during the attack, coalition forces headed by the USA, the radar screens suddenly went out. The air defense system was paralyzed, and Iraq fell within a few weeks.

We can’t trust NATO. Now the West is the enemy of Turkey. Our security and defense, we can guarantee that only the s-400. But how can we trust Russia? It is recognized that the use of purchased from U.S. weapons systems against the US and its allies to interfere with the means of electronic and software. Realistic to expect that Russia will intervene in the operation of systems such as s-400, which will be difficult to master all the complex details. In other words, no one should expect that s-400 can be used against Russia and against Russia. But given that, according to the preliminary agreement signed between Turkey and Russia, the parties agreed that the two missile batteries of s-400 will be delivered from Russia for next year, and two other batteries will be produced in Turkey, I believe that the degree of non-interference in working of these systems is quite high.

In addition, in my view, regional and world situation, although it is temporary in nature, creates the necessity of cooperation of Russia and Turkey in all spheres in the interests of both countries.