Portnikov explained why Putin is not going to reduce nuclear Arsenal

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin does not agree to the proposal of his American counterpart Donald trump on the reduction of nuclear Arsenal in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, because highly dependent on Russian security forces, who perceive the statement of the American leader as a trick. This was written by political analyst Vitaly Portnikov in a column for the publication “Glavred”.

In his opinion, the Russian security forces will not agree to easing of the Russian defense and see in the offer trump a threat, not a compromise.

“For Putin it is easier to leave the Donbass, than to start negotiations on arms reduction. You need to understand that in an economic environment where is Russia today, Putin – first of all, the President of the security forces. But the security forces believe that the reduction of Russian weapons… “reached the bottom”, and any further reduction will mean the surrender of its national interests and the vulnerability of the West front of the United States. Russian generals, who support Putin’s regime, believe that the war is not with Ukrainians, but with “Americans”. And they perceive the statement as a trump trick to promise a rejection of any sort of sanctions in exchange for a hole in the Russian defense,” – said Portnikov.

He noted that the trump does not apply to this issue, as in Russia, so I voiced this option, a La Moscow.

“He just sounded the simplest, in his opinion, the subject — to take and reduce nuclear weapons, them too much. But trump is a neophyte in politics, he never studied the problem of weapons and certainly does not represent the attitudes of the Russian political and military leadership. That is why his first — and apparently simple — hearted proposal to the Kremlin was seen in Moscow with indignation. And who knows whether it deems in the Kremlin… that trump just does not understand the issue, which says. Or… decide that the new American President wants to cheat “of the” Putin”, – he stressed.

Also politically th expert believes that Russian-American dialogue will not take place because Putin has nothing to offer Trump, but Trump has nothing to offer Putin.

The US President-elect Donald trump in an interview with the British newspaper the Times stated that is ready to offer Russian President Vladimir Putin sanctions relief in exchange for reductions in nuclear arsenals.

In turn, the Kremlin said that negotiations on nuclear arms reductions with the USA is not underway, and Russia has no plans to discuss the lifting of sanctions. He also recalled that, as stated earlier, Putin, for the Russian state, the lifting of sanctions is not the main purpose.