Israeli scientists have found one of the main reasons of male infertility

Some of the men in the seminal fluid the sperm are completely absent – the problem occurs in approximately one percent of people. Earlier the reason for this phenomenon remained unknown, reports

A group of scientists from the University of Ben-Gurion and of Soroka Medical center (Beersheba, Israel) found that a mutation in the gene 9TDRD is accompanied by lack of sperms and a complete infertility. The problem is detected already in adolescence, when should begin the process of sperm production. Read more about opening reports Journal of Medical Genetics.


  • Because of what the man can become sterile

A mutation in the gene 9TDRD stops sperm on one of the intermediate stages of the Genesis of sperm. This discovery is of great importance for the diagnosis of male infertility and may help to find a treatment approach pathology.