Scientists have told how to sleep in one minute

American scientists from Harvard University said how to cope with insomnia. The researchers recommended to apply special exercise “4 – 7 – 8” which, according to them, will help you sleep in just 1 minute.

In particular, for fast relief doctors advised to develop a separate technique of breathing, writes

“Need for four seconds to breathe in through your nose and then hold your breath for seven seconds. After that you should breathe through your mouth for eight seconds. It should be repeated until you want to sleep,” he told the scientists about how we need to breathe for a quick sleep.


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According to them, a similar method was used by Indian yogis during meditation. Experts emphasize: breath in accordance with the above rhythm can soothe the human nervous system for a short time.

This breathing exercise they recommend to apply not only to improve the process of falling asleep at night, but also for relieving stress, getting rid of unpleasant emotions.

We will remind, the American scientists have described how alcohol can affect sleep. According to the researchers, drinking alcohol before sleep with frequent awakenings and a decrease in the phase of deep sleep.