Is it possible in Ukraine to legally sell a car with Lithuanian numbers

“I want to sell in Ukraine, the number of cars on the Lithuanian room, which I brought six months ago. Not enough customers, and they are afraid to buy — interested, is it possible to make the transaction legal?” — Leonid Bystritskii, Kiev.

Catherine Malichenko, managing partner of Advocates Bureau “Malichenko and partners”:

“Let’s look at ownership, as a triad — the right to use, own and dispose of (in our case — the car). From the chain falls significant factor is ownership: paying for a car, you have the right to ride it, but no more. Owner you become like the person who you will buy it. Do not forget that if a car in Ukraine will be stolen — our law enforcement officers will not accept even a statement.

In accordance with the customs legislation, auto foreign numbers can be located on our site for up to 10 days. The scheme, which is used by organizations that provide services of import, is simple: the machine you issue the foreigner or to the company, which is, for example, in Lithuania; crosses the border on this machine alien, and you have the right to use it for a year. But the buyer is not known exactly when and who imported the vehicle, whether there is in fact in Lithuania (Poland, etc) that the firm to which you have a machine, whether it is somewhere in the search or seizure as “vikatan” this year to check it out with this method of purchase is very difficult.


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There is one option that is most fair to the buyer and increase the chances of a sale. You can offer yourself to observe the deal: you contact a foreigner working for the same foreign firm that is the owner of the car and with the way the contract was made about the support, again, agree about the border crossing on this car, at the wheel which will be a foreign citizen.

But, it should be noted, neither version of the drive in the Lithuanian offer is completely legal. About 10 days, I have already mentioned, no matter who and how brought this car to us: after these 10 days you are in breach of article 95 of the Customs code of Ukraine. And for that, you can be fined 8500 UAH. Then the impound lot, and after pay the fine, you will have to pay for towing services and Parking”.