To invest in Antiques and art: how to begin and how to distinguish an original from a fake

Real estate, Antiques and art have always been considered the most reliable way of preserving and increasing capital. Especially in troubled times, when the market literally thrown everything he can to provide at least some value. If the country begins increasingly to Shine on the international stage and attracts interest — everything that was produced in it, and especially if it has a vividly expressed national character or it was produced in factories which no longer exist — it becomes attractive to collectors. So, do not lose interest in the items produced in Nazi Germany. Every year increasingly raising the value of the things produced in the Soviet Union, a country which no longer exists.

However, value is not only ancient artifacts but also modern art — paintings, sculptures, ceramics and much more. So, the last time in the world and in Ukraine, began to open more and more private galleries and museums, and the Internet, there are many kinds of groups of young painters and sculptors who offer their work. As in the case of Antiques and contemporary artwork, it is important to understand what and how much it costs and how to distinguish “stuff” from the standing of the picture. To understand this, we helped the art dealer, founder of the project-in-art George designer, project Manager and co-owner of a private gallery Gallery Yulia Voloshyn Voloshin.

WE BUY JUNK. In order not to fall into the trap of buying Antiques, you need to understand: Antiques — that’s what produced more than 50 years ago, not a serial production that represents a certain uniqueness (for example, produced not more than 50, a specific master, etc.), has a connection with the historical epoch or event, and the fact that it is difficult to forge. Of course, the novice is difficult to distinguish the pre-revolutionary samovar from modern fakes. So experts recommend to pay attention to items and areas that have experienced changes in terms of market conditions and the UPS-downs of the market and remained popular.

Of course, the first place is occupied by paintings, but they are the most expensive. But among the stable segments in the world, which ply collectors, can be called porcelain, “jewelry” and icons. Always use the success of numismatics and faleristics (medals), but they, like painting, require large investments. Post-Soviet fascination can be called one. Increasingly popular today the national art, Ukrainian embroidery, naive icon and ceramics. In the initial phase, such things can cost a penny, but later they formed a steadily high price.

But to distinguish the fake from the original is quite difficult even for experts. So, the most popular method to “wear out” — to keep a bronze sculpture in a cesspool: the bacteria that contribute to decay, excellent job with the iron, and wood. Still painting and icon artificially “smoked”, throwing thus up to 100 years. Fabric can break, creating a Polish artificial craquelure (artificial aging, a “bottle craquelure”). So, peering into the rather expensive Antiques, it is better to seek the advice of an expert or antique shop. The expert services are not cheap — they can cost from 10 to 30% of the cost of the evaluated object. There is also art examination that evaluates a subject the style of the period (e.g., socialist realism), technical expertise (analysis of material, composition of paints etc.). On average, evaluative examination of the subject, claiming to be Antiques, you can produce 2-5 thousand UAH. But this price can increase to 10-15 thousand, if the subject requires more careful analysis. Experts recommend to address to experts in one or another direction, as their assessment will be more objective — for example, in China when determining fakes there is no technical means of verification. If you can not pay for experts, there are many forums where you can learn basic information.

WHERE AND HOW MUCH. Andreevskiy descent should not go here, usually selling fakes for foreign tourists. But on spontaneous flea markets (Kurenivka Petrovka), you can find worthwhile things. The most famous official market — at the Expocenter in the Brovarskoy Avenue, 15. On Saturdays, from 9:00 to 13:00, where you can find lovers of antiquity. If Saturday is the exhibition “the flea” is moved to the Expocenter salute. And every last Saturday of the month happens to be all-Ukrainian gathering, where collectors from across the country.

To get a value, do not have to be a millionaire. But be prepared to shell out $50-400, depending on whether the exhibit Museum value, or is the subject of life. Rarities can cost up to $1 thousand, but, as a rule, the flea market not stand by and selling through shops or online, communities of antiquaries. Transactions are made in hard currency or the exchange rate of the national Bank. For reliability, not to buy a fake, you can negotiate with the expert for assistance: he will either ask for their services 10-25% of the purchase price or the fixed price, from $20-30.


Antiques — good way. And if you decide to take out grandma’s samovar abroad, to earn on its sale, see the Law of Ukraine №1068-XIV “On export, import and return of cultural values”. It provides that for transporting items, which are more than 50 years, you have the right of ownership (bill of sale, contract of donation, inheritance), the conclusion of state examination on which the certificate is issued for the right to export the object. Issues the certificate of the State service of control over movement of cultural values through state border of Ukraine under the Ministry of culture and arts of Ukraine or the Executive branches of this Department, which are in major Ukrainian cities. Ideally, to get a coveted piece of paper can be for 7-30 working days and 7 to 27 UAH. In practice, this cost grows from 1 to 3 thousand UAH, depending on the urgency and value of the exhibit. Not to bother yourself, you can contact the company-the accelerators where the cost of permits will increase to UAH 4000-6500.


Today, according to experts, increasingly popular and important contemporary art, but the antique painting is not a trend: new collectors of old art does not appear, and the old one is spoilt. Therefore, auctions in Ukraine in antique paintings makes no sense. That is why collectors are busy looking for new names, which in the future will become valuable.

Colossus rising. Sculptor Egor Zigura. The price of 80 thousand pounds

MODERNITY. So, the most expensive works of Ukrainian artists sold at auction in recent times was a project of Vitaliy and Elena Vasiliev “Apocalypse” for $207 thousand and the work of Anatoly Kryvolap “Horse. Night”, spent over 186 thousand UAH. Modern Ukrainian art took its own, albeit not the most expensive, but a decent niche on the global stage art, therefore, to acquire a few works by young artists is very promising. But to avoid mistakes, it is important to know that the value of the artist, though young, is in its history.

Leaders. Sasha Chichkan. “Frank Sinatra”

In search of a masterpiece, again, it is not necessary to go on Andreevsky Spusk there mostly present their work and artists who have not found recognition among professionals. For standing paintings literate just to go to art galleries that are professionally assess the prospects of the artist. Intrigued by the work, find out how many galleries hang his work, what exhibitions he participated. Of course, personal authors exhibitions will add to the cost of the artist’s work one, and sometimes two zeros. The more personal or just exhibitions, the more prized the artist: – respecting his name and the gallery will not take the works of artists (painters, sculptors), it is of no value. Because the exhibition is a showcase of professionals, art historians and critics — is that the name of the artist, and hence his works, beginning to be measured in hundreds of dollars. Even more value is given to the author, who traveled with their works abroad. Also, according to our experts, even one work of the author, but bought by foreign galleries, suggests that his name may rise in price several times.

Elena Pryduvalova. “Alley”

Conclusion: if you want to invest, not to buy a decoration in the home, do not count on your taste. Contact the experts: the critics, gallery owners, art dealers. Latest mediation between the artist and seller, and to sell interesting work — their work. They will not communicate with hopeless artists. For a decent job be prepared to shell out from $500 to 1 thousand, and for claiming the masterpiece — $10 thousand But such work after five years can sell at least 2-3 times more expensive.

Closer to the classics. Olga Kravchenko. “Irises on a white table”