How to get money for the cost of “communal”

The Ukrainians, having subsidies to pay for zhilkomuslug, but not using them fully, less than a month to take advantage of their right to receive “live” money for energy savings. This was said by Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko. The Ministry of social policy suggest subsidianes to hurry — time is left before the 1st of September.

WHAT IS SUPPOSED. According to the Cabinet, to receive monetary compensation for the savings included about 2 million people. That is, every third family can receive from the state 700 UAH, while saving at least 100 cubic metres of gas and 135 UAH, while saving at least 150 kWh “current”, but only on the condition that it is used for home heating, not for lighting. If the savings is less, the payout amount will be reduced proportionately, but to save more regulations makes no sense — the amount of compensation is not affected.


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WHERE TO GO. As explained Rozenko, those who have savings, you need to contact the Ministry of social policy unit at the place of residence. “Of 1580 companies that provide services for electric and gas utility, is already 1550 filed to the bodies of social protection of the population lists (consumers who have overpaid. — Ed.)”, — said Rozenko. All who will turn in bodies of social protection with the application and will be on the list, must submit an application to receive compensation. Yet for the money, according to the Ministry of social policy, addressed less than half of those to whom it applies, — about 800 thousand people.

“We have the house uses electrical heating. As retirees, my husband and I received a grant, but it is completely not used, — told us the resident of the city of Korsun-Shevchenko in the Cherkassy region Marina Zharova. We learned from the media that the state returns a portion of the money saved, come with your passport and receipts for payment to the Department of social policy, wrote a letter for a refund. Receipts are not needed, since we were on the list. Money — 135 UAH, we promised to list on the map in September.”

But the resident of Kyiv Volodymyr Pohitoo application for a return of 700 UAH for saved gas is not adopted because it was not in the lists, although he has all receipts on hand.

According to the Director of the Department of social assistance Minsotspolitiki Vitaly muzichenko, on social protection had to take a statement and copies of pay stubs and make a request to the gas suppliers. But it will be faster if, in addition to statements, the grantee will personally appeal to the service providers. “Citizens, save energy, can until September 1 to turn in bodies of social protection, specifying details of the Bank account or post office where you can transfer the money. Payments will be held in September-October,” — said muzichenko.

EXPERTS. Senior consultant at the social protection Institute of local development Anton Levitsky called the first step towards the monetization of subsidies: “While it can be challenging, inaccurate, but the government encourages people to save”.

But the Director of energy programmes of the Center for world economy and international relations NASU Valentyn Zemlyansky believes the compensation system is not perfect: “subsidiaty saved a lot more gas and electric, and they return the money for only 100 cubic meters of gas, or 150 kWh. the state does not encourage people who do not receive grants, but funds for its insulated housing, to spend less energy”.

SUBSIDIANES DECIDED TO CLASSIFY. Register of recipients of subsidies, which the Ministry should create before December 20, will be closed. Access to it will receive only the employees of the Ministry and departments of social protection of the population, said Vitaly Muzychenko. “It will serve exclusively for the registration of recipients of social assistance,” — said muzichenko.

Recall, the registry is prepared according to the decree of the Cabinet for transparent and effective management of the appointment of Gilsonite. According to Muzychenko, the reason for limiting access is that the registry contains information on incomes and other personal data, the disclosure of which is prohibited by law. Also, using a registry is not happen the exchange of information on subsidence with GFS, Pensfond and civil service employment.

Levitsky believes that this would not affect the fairness of subsidies: “the Ministry may, if necessary, request any information and get it fast in an electronic form”.