Whether we’re at war with Russia?

Russia is an old enemy, new friend and eternal roommate. As Russia is major power, it is constantly trying to increase its influence in the world, regardless of whether the President of the country Vladimir Putin. Although Russia seems to be a strong country, it is bursting inside, as dozens of different nationalities would like to have independence. This is one reason why it is necessary to provide a strong front.

Anyway, recently, the media of concern. When reading the headlines, it may seem that war is very close. The hype gets in the spotlight and directly affects the internal politics of Finland. The situation of persons with dual citizenship, investing tax money into the army at the time, as the costs of education are reduced, information war, letters to the reservists, talk of a possible NATO membership… it Seems that Russia has too much influence on the internal politics of Finland.

Russia is behaving dangerously, and Ukraine and of Georgia did not comply with international rules. In the Finnish media as a threat to exaggerate, of course, and at the heart of this probably lies not only the desire to increase the circulation of the newspaper. Many professionals feel that come the hour: we only have to say something bold about Russia, how these words appear in the newspaper. Incitement to military sentiment and use the military industry, which adopts new orders, and the defence forces, who receive additional funding.

I also noticed that many of the active supporters of NATO membership are happy to support the image of the threats associated with Russia. This behavior is ambiguous, because NATO membership can bring Finland unexpected results and put the country into a center of international conflicts. There are those for whom the war and the defense of the country are romantic — they collect and read all about war, and particularly intensified now because the “threat” nearby.

Some of those who criticize Russia, all well familiar with what makes a country and is concerned in the case.

Internal and external policy of Russia can, at least, be called controversial, as the actions of President Putin. Our Eastern neighbor is friends with the clergy of Iran and the Assad government and involved in serious human rights violations on its territory and in other countries.

However, I believe such irresponsible warmongering in the headlines. It is reasonable and important that the officials of our country are able to protect the country from external attacks and prepared for the worst. But this constant coverage of this issue in the press will only raise a generation that will fear Russia.