How varied the average salary in Ukraine

At the moment the average salary in Ukraine – 5406 hryvnia. Least get the people of the Ternopil region (4641 UAH) and the championship in the level of earnings have traditionally occupied Kiev – 9292 hryvnia. The website “Today” figured out how varied the average salary in Ukraine since 2012.

According to the survey portal extra money found only 32% of Ukrainians. The majority of the additional work brings only 30% of main income. Every fifth managed to earn up to 50% of basic income, laboring “on the side” and only 2% of survey participants doubled their income thanks to the combination of the main and additional jobs.

According to official statistics, over six years, the average salary in Ukraine has increased from 3098 to 5406 hryvnia. At the same time, the average pension in Ukraine for 2012 has increased from 1245 until 1828 UAH.

Senior analyst “Alpari” Vadim Iosub notes: statistics take into account only the official income of Ukrainians, while according to tax specialists, 60% of employers a portion of wages paid “in envelopes”.

“Of course, statistics on the average nominal and real wages takes into account only “white” incomes. And taking into account the wages “in envelopes” income of Ukrainians is higher than the official statistics. However, the “gray” income is distributed among workers is very uneven, therefore, to assess the income from them is almost impossible,” explains the analyst.

In 2012, according to the State statistics service, the Ukrainians gave utilities an average of 16% of salary. The amount of the payment at that time reached 502 hryvnia, at the same time the average salary was at the level of 3098 USD.

In January 2017 the average bills for communal 1807,9 reached UAH (33% of the average wage), this is a record in the history of Ukraine money. However, in the structure of population expenditures utilities is less than 10%, this is due to the fact that every second family has issued a grant. After 2014, Ukrainians rose not only communal. Prices in Ukraine for several years has increased 1.8 times in 2014 to 25%, and in 2015 – by 43.3%, and in 2016-m – 12.4%.