How to overcome snoring: traditional recipes, diet and light exercise

Snorers often suffer from chronic fatigue, because I can’t fully fall asleep at night. There is also a danger of respiratory arrest during sleep and ingestion of saliva, which can lead to death. To prevent possible problems will help simple exercises to strengthen the walls of heaven, according to

The main causes of this problem is a relaxation of the muscles of the upper palate and the weight.
So, how to get rid of snoring:


  • Every day for 10-15 minutes gently inhale and exhale the air. If conditions allow, whistle.
  • Make the sound “and” 20 or 30 times, trying to strain the throat muscles.
  • Move your jaw back and forth 30 times.
  • Stick out your tongue as much as possible and hold the position, slowly counting to ten. Repeat ten times.
  • Do head rotations, tilts forward and back at least 20 times morning and evening.
  • Sing as often as I can. Because singers rarely suffer from snoring due to the fitness of the muscles of the vocal apparatus.
  • Sleep correctly. Find the position of the head and the body, in which you can breathe freely and stop snoring. Perhaps you have a too high pillow, then replace it with a rolled tube with a towel. Try also to sleep on your stomach or side. Be sure to ventilate the room before bedtime or even sleep with the window open.
  • Don’t eat before bedtime. Overeating at night and drinking alcohol can contribute to snoring. Take food at least three hours before bedtime and sleep soundly.
  • Use “anthropology” diet

    Eliminate from your diet salty, fried foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Try to lose at least five pounds of weight. Once a week to completely abstain from solid food to ease the bowels.


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    Popular recipes

    Drink daily before going to bed a glass of fresh cabbage juice with a spoon of honey. Regularly rinse the nose with salt water. Bury the nose a few drops of vegetable oil before going to bed. Gargle with a decoction of calendula and chamomile.