Himself presenter: how to make money on vlogs

Maintaining the blog the last few years has become not a hobby, but a profession, which attracts more and more wanting her to learn. In Ukraine, too, appeared guru vlogery, earning his own video channels thousands of dollars per month. According to them, the secret of success is simple and elusive at the same time: on the one hand, to try anyone. But to predict who will do very well, no one. It remains only to follow the advice of experienced and try their hands.


In universities and colleges on the vlogery not teach. The only way to gain knowledge is to attend the master class reputable vlogger. The Youtube video is interested in increasing the number of author TV and has developed special grants for the conduct of their unique content and collections of technical tips, says Natalia fishchenko, the author of the video “Natasha Naffy”.

“They offer a really useful training sessions, work on your mistakes, give educational materials and tips,” explains food vlogger Olga Matthew.

Later, when the vlogger reaches a certain level of popularity, and it appears partners, helping to monetize the channel, they also often offer training, says beauty vlogger Natalie. But creativity in this business is paramount, she said.


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“To the question “where to start?” I answer: you are not yet ready. When I started the channel, such a question did not arise: all that I wanted to share, spilled itself.”

To promote the channel enough to duplicate the video in social networks and to make announcements, said fishchenko (Instargram is considered to be more interactive popular site than Facebook). Or to pay for advertising, post videos for money on websites.

“There is a dishonest way — buy likes, views, thanks to which the video immediately goes in the TOP (and then Youtube automatically recommends it to everyone), she says. — There are sites of exchange, where the money to organize these “views”. But if you detect fraud, the vlogger will be punished.”


The author of the channel “Olga Matthew” previously baked cakes to order. Once my husband proposed to remove the process and publish the video. Simple pair hung video on the channel about six months, and then, for the New year, people began to actively look at them.

“We are assured, began to remove more. And somehow it so went that became a full-time job, though at first I did not expect,” — says Olga.

Then bloggerstop took even her mother cooks with soul. “And I only had the skills of public speaking: ever before, carry out charitable activities. So the scripts don’t write everything off the cuff,” she says. To submit information can any speaker, and an aspiring vlogger, it’s important to make it sparkle.

The first video is “hanging” six months before the surge hits

“The best comes from charismatic, interesting people, haunting the viewer with a person, not information. Then below the video are often greeted with comments like “Oh, look at you even listened to what you said” — gives the example of Natalia. It’s normal, because a vlogger I want to take an example”.

MATERIEL. No equipment for channel couple Matthew didn’t buy one and still take off on the mobile — only bought a tripod, so hands not to keep. Installation video is on the same phone. Only purchased a microphone and set up uniform soft lighting for filming. “And not specifically for the channel, just taking in the new housing repair, and, when he reached the kitchen, arranged the interior so that it was easy to remove, thought beautiful backdrop cupboards, kitchen utensils. But my kitchen doesn’t look Studio — everything is like in the life of an ordinary family”, — says Olga.


Olga in the profession for three years at channel 8 million views, but to predict the behavior of the viewer it is not. “Videos they hoped would go sluggish. But I have to reluctantly gathered an avalanche of hits”, she wonders.

Age, gender of the vlogger and the theme of the channel, according to Matthew, unimportant. But laws are: the public does not like professional scenarios — give her course in life. But it requires a pretty picture.

“During the repair filmed on the balcony at the white walls — there has appeared on our channel. When she furnished the kitchen and moved, I noted a dramatic increase in views, knocked members, recalls food vlogger. — I think I would have been seen on the balcony — out of habit. But the design, according to the analysts of the system is a big plus”.

“Today, requests for the video are not the same as six years ago — recognizes and fishchenko. — People want high-quality sound and picture lighting, but not TV performances, and live communication. People in the picture must know the subject and not to stutter. Watch for trends, monitor what people are requesting in the search engines more often”. “Try for at least a year. If it has expired, and no promotion — look for errors or throw”, — tells Olga. Do not be nervous due to the departure of subscribers is the norm. The main thing is to arriving was more than exhaust, said fishchenko.

“Natasha Naffy”. The frame should always look at 100%. Photo: archive of N. Fishchenko


“Food not specially prepared — that was filmed, and eat. So we have always a variety,” laughs Olga. But to cook “for the soul” there is no time. But to go into the office in the morning is not necessary, you can shoot a few videos for the future and to go on vacation. But the work week Olga full: even a short video that’s three hours of shooting, and sometimes it takes all day. All that we see on the channel today, filmed two months ago: that the videos were published three times a week without breaks, you need a reserve. A lot of time to play in the spirit of the practice.

“Not all the dishes were given the first time. If I couldn’t do, will not work and the viewer: we must bring the recipe to perfection, otherwise the subscriber will be disappointed,” she says.

Dissatisfaction was immediately expressed in the comments and spoil the impression of the roller. So another piece of work — a dialogue with subscribers. “I will not reply you will lose the audience. It’s important for people to see the contact, because they follow me, and they have a lot of questions,” explains Matthew.


In theory, Youtube pays $1 per 1000 views. But the monetization of the channel is due to the viewer not the video itself and the advertising that accompanies it. The more clicks on the banners, the higher the income. And since many use software-ad blockers, from 1000 ad views account for only one-third, after deducting fees and commissions vlogger dripping about $0,2.

“Work begins when you are interested advertisers. First you offer their goods for barter. Then vlogger is becoming more popular and takes fees for the integration of these products in their commercials,” shares the secrets of the kitchen Natalia fishchenko.

But first you need to win the love and trust of the audience, and only then will be able to capitalize on them. “It’s personal, but I don’t see in the picture that I don’t like the most. And the fees are not for the positive reviews about the product, and for the very attention to the brand, she explains. — New makeup appears very much if someone wants the vlogger was paid to its production as soon as possible, pushing the rest, this is the service that pays. And that’s fine — you’re doing it wasting your time”.