A direct consequence of the blockade will increase electricity rates – Timchenko

One of the direct consequences of the blockade will increase the wholesale market price for electricity, their rates will feel it the Ukrainian industry. This was reported by General Director of DTEK Maxim Timchenko in an interview with news Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to Timchenko, the situation with the blockade will affect the growth of industrial production, GDP and the overall trade balance.

“Last summer, if you remember, there was a strike of railway workers of the Donetsk railway. If you watch the monthly dynamics of GDP in the country, the only month when this figure was down 3%, was just then, when he was stopped railway deliveries from the zone of hostilities”, – said Timchenko.

Timchenko said that the seized enterprises “DTEK” paid in 2016, more than 4 billion UAH of taxes. The numbers of predicted losses in 2017 about 5 billion UAH.

According to the head of DTEK, risks for the national currency, because today anthracite is only on the uncontrolled territory, and the alternative is import. Even with the anti-crisis initiatives of the leaders of the industry, mainly related to the increase in the production of “Energoatom” and increase production stations, which operate on the mark “D” until the end of this year, still needs about 5 million tons is anthracite. This means that the trade deficit will increase by $ 0.5 billion.

“All this is the result of work of deputies of populist and pseudo, but in fact the destroyers of the economy, the consequences of which you will feel every Ukrainian. I hope, there will be at least the political responsibility of the initiators of the blockade for the loss of Ukraine’s industrial enterprises, the inevitable growth of tariffs and the decline in living standards”, – said Timchenko.