How to pay for water less: important tips and new accounting rules

President Petro Poroshenko recently signed a Law “On commercial accounting utilities”. For every high-rise building have to put the meter, including water. Ukrainians will pay not only in terms of the housing of the meter, but also to pay part of the losses inside the house. In some houses, such losses not at all, while other high-rise buildings “lost” tens of cubic meters, and all the inhabitants of these houses will have to pay for it. Losses can be associated with the burst pipes, illegal connections to the system. In addition, the sensitivity of some room counters does not account for small leaks faucets.

As already said, website “Today”, after the entry of the new law into effect each apartment, as before, for water will pay according to an individual metering device – that is, the counter in the apartment. But the counters will stand on each house, and if it turns out that the sum of all readings in apartments smaller than the indications of the house counter, the difference will have to compensate.

How not to overpay for water

Ukraine spend wasted hundreds of liters of drinking water, said the expert in the field of energy efficiency Anna Shumeyko. A few years ago, the ratio of consumption of drinking water per Ukrainian was about 260 liters, whereas in Germany consume 105, and in the Czech Republic – 125 liters per person. In 2014, the ratio of consumption in Ukraine was reduced to 4 cubic meters per month (that’s about 140 liters per day). It is on the standard, there are grant and it is paid by the Ukrainians in the houses without meters.
The rising water and strict record of the used cubic meters has forced many Ukrainians to think about saving. Experts believe that changing your household habits, you can not only significantly reduce the amount of the payment, but also to preserve drinking water.

You can start with simple. For example, to turn on the faucet only when you use it with water. “Many just open the tap in the morning and wash my face. Brush your teeth, lather the face and the water goes away. And with ware the same situation – the water is not used, and the tap is open”, – shares his observations Oksana from Kiev. The most simple methods of saving, said Anna Shumeiko, will allow you to save hundreds of hryvnia.


Another way to waste less water is to install water – saving nozzles, aerators on faucets. A normal crane may carry up to 16 litres of water per minute, and the faucet with the aerator is 3-4 liters per minute. With this aerator you can wash the dishes, wash and even take a shower.

The next step is to “upgrade” cistern. You should change the cistern in the toilet for one that uses less water. You can buy a special tank with energy-saving system, which controls the flow of water, or just set into the tank filled with water plastic bottle – this will help reduce the volume of water in the tank. However, to save this solution can manage.

New appliances with high energy efficiency class. Washing machine with energy class A+ and higher will help to save tens of gallons of water. Also the washing machine should fill, but not overload, as this increases the electricity consumption.

Experts also suggest to those who want to save money, take a shower and not a bath. Taking a shower within five minutes, consumed a maximum of 100 liters of water and filling the bath, you need more than 200 liters.

How much

At current rates, take a bath in Ukraine can be an average of UAH 25 (depending on bath volume and rate of specific provider), and shower – only four of the hryvnia. Morning hygiene can do in two hryvnia. Note, water tariffs in all cities are different. The cost of water depends on the infrastructure and economy of the enterprise.

By the way, due to the reduction of water consumption some providers had to ask the National Commission to raise fares. The more water sold, the easier it is to recoup the company. Another reason for the rise in price – wage growth. We will remind, since January, the salary of Ukrainians must be less 3200 USD. Companies had to revise the payroll, and additional costs to put in new rates.


At the same wages, according to the national Commission, the largest item of expenditure. For example, if the Ukrainians have spent on cold water 100 hryvnia, the 38.2 of the hryvnia will be spent on the salaries of employees of the local “Vodokanal” of 27.4 hryvnia will be spent on light (the pumps are powered by electricity) and 21.2 of the hryvnia – for banking services, checking meters, 70 cents – for the payment of interest on loans, 4,5 hryvnia for repair of 6.5 hryvnia depreciation and 1.5 hryvnia in taxes and fees.