Ukraine started to pay the IMF and the active saves gas: week in numbers


1.58 million immigrants
or 1.27 million families from Donbas and Crimea on 31 July was in Ukraine. According to the Ministry of social policy beneficiaries funded by 1.68 billion.

7 360 UAH
was the average salary in June, which is 7.7% more than in may, reported state statistics Committee. In comparison with June 2016, the average salary grew by 37.9%. Real wages in June 2017. compared to may 2017 increased by 5.8% relative to June 2016 – increased by 18.9%.

66 thousand citizens of Ukraine
for seven months of 2017 applied for residence permits in Poland, according to Management on Affairs of foreigners of this country. All in all since the beginning of the year for the residence permit in Poland has asked 100 thousand foreigners. For Ukrainians, with a large margin followed by citizens of Ukraine (5 million), Indians – 4 thousand, the Chinese – 3,5 thousand and Vietnamese – 3 thousand

278 criminal proceedings
initiated against employees of the State fiscal service in the first half, 135 of them for abuse of power, 54 – in case of corruption, according to the website of GFS.

increased by 16%
sales of new passenger cars in Ukraine in July 2017, compared with the same period of 2016 – to 6425 units, said the Association “Ukrautoprom”. By 2016 the sales of new passenger cars in Ukraine grew by 41% to 65.5 thousand units.

declined in June, the debt of the population to pay for Central heating and hot water and totaled UAH 8.6 bn, reported state statistics Committee. Debt for maintenance of houses, constructions and house adjoining territories increased 3.3%, to 3 billion UAH. for export of household waste – has not changed and amounted to UAH 400 million. Debt for centralized water supply and drainage system increased by 14.3% and reached UAH 2.1 billion.

In June, the Ukrainians paid for electricity 2.3 billion (85.2% of the assessed in this period amounts). The debt for electricity as of the end of June amounted to 3.8 billion UAH. The debt for gas decreased by 0.9% and amounted to UAH 11.3 bn. Just in June, the Ukrainians paid for housing and communal services 3.9 billion UAH, which amounted to 102,1% accrued during this period amounts.

86 condominiums and housing cooperatives
attracted in July “warm” loans in the amount of 29.1 million UAH. This is four times higher than in the same period last year.

The Ukrainians took power efficiency. Photo: “Today”

135 residential units with condominiums and housing cooperatives
in Kiev this year will hold energy efficiency measures in the framework of the city program “70/30”. Last year these homes was 62.

1 million
reached the number of tenders in the electronic system of public procurement ProZorro, according to the Ministry of economic development. However, only 55% of the total number of public procurement to take on the competitive process (public tender), as the law on public procurement does not make mandatory electronic bidding for subthreshold (up to 200 thousand UAH. for goods and up to 1.5 million UAH. for works) procurement. In the case of about threshold procurement for which the tender is compulsory, 75% of procurement was carried out on a competitive procedure.

Not less than 50 thousand UAH.
a month would be the wages of 1 thousand officials who will work in the new structural units of the Ministry, the General directorates responsible for the reform. Selection of applicants will pursue a recruitment company whose services are paid by the European Union.

461 official car
injured since the beginning of this year, the patrol police officers in the areas due to road accidents. Most of the broken patrol cars in Kiev – 150, Kharkov – 45, Odessa – 36, Lviv – 34, the Dnieper – 33.

850 employees
were dismissed since the beginning of the patrol force (out of 14 thousand people), the head of Department of patrol police of Ukraine Evgeny Zhukov. About 60% left on their own, others – at discretion of management.

Of 8.11 billion
sent the SFS from the beginning of 2017 for the reconstruction of roads in the experiment by transfer of half the amount of the excess customs duties. It is expected that by the end of the year the amount will reach UAH 12 bn.


increased natural gas production in January-July compared with the same period of 2016 to 12.04 billion cubic meters, according to the “Ukrtransgaz”. Including mining state “Ukrgazvydobuvannya” and “Ukrnafta”made up 8.78 billion cubic meters (an increase of 3%) and 694 million cubic meters (decline of 9.2%), respectively.

Increased 2.4 times
in January-July compared with the same period of 2016 to 8.14 billion cubic meters of gas imports, according to “Ukrtransgaz”. The main part of this gas is directed into underground storage.

Decreased by 15.4%
coal stocks in warehouses of thermal power plants in the period from 27 June to 31 July to 2.12 million t. According to the Ministry of energy, while reserves of anthracite coal of the group increased by 7% to 725 thousand tons whereas the mines of gas group decreased by 23.7% to 1392 kt.

700 thousand tons

coal of the anthracite group will have until the end of 2017, the company “Centrenergo” (the state owns 78.3% of its shares) the contract with XCOAL Energy&Resources (USA).

Increased 31.4%
in annual terms, export of Ukrainian agricultural products to EU countries in January-June and amounted to $2.77 billion While the supply of corn has increased by 54.3%, soybeans – 3.3 times, meal – by 18.5%, meat and edible offal of poultry of 94.4%, barley – 2.6 times, etc.

$ 450 million
listed Bank in favor of the IMF. This is the first payment on the loan service that you received in 2014 by then the stand-by program.

At 12.5% per annum
the NBU Board has decided to keep its interest rates. Stated that despite the risks, the national Bank keeps inflation forecast for year-end 2017 at 9.1% and to ensure price stability, has so far refrained from changing interest rates.

The world

Fell to 9.1%
a record low over the last eight years, unemployment in the Eurozone. The lowest level of unemployment in Germany (3.8 per cent) and the highest in Greece (21.7 percent) and Spain (17.1 per cent). In June, the 19 EU countries where the Euro was 14.18 million unemployed. It is 148 thousand less than in may of this year, and by 1.67 million less than in June 2016. The decline in unemployment contributes to economic growth in the Eurozone.

32.9% of the population
The European Union is now unable to afford a week’s annual leave, Eurostat said. Sweden can’t afford a vacation of that duration by 8%, Luxembourg 13%, in Denmark and Finland for 14%. The highest in Romania (67%) and Croatia (63%). The proportion of workers who can’t afford a week off, for the last five years in the EU dropped by 5%.

Fell by 7.9%
in July, exports of Brazilian coffee to 1.6 million bags (each bag weighs 60 kg) is the minimum pokazateli since 2006. The coffee crop in Brazil this year will drop to is 45.56 million bags from a record 51,36 million bags a year earlier. The country is losing global market share because in most other countries, coffee-growing, export is growing.

791,2 tons
the gold mined in the world in the second quarter, 0.3% less than the corresponding period last year. But in some countries production has fallen significantly: in China, 8% in Tanzania to 20% in Mongolia by 30%. But this was offset by growth in other countries: Indonesia – 30% in Suriname, 80%, Canada by 8%. The world gold Council (WGC) predicts that gold production a couple of years will remain roughly stable, but will begin to decline in 2019.

$ 95 million
over the past 12 months has earned author of books about Harry Potter English Rowling became the highest paid writer in the world in 2017 – estimated by Forbes magazine. Second place in the ranking of the magazine was taken by the author of detective novels, American James Patterson, who earned $ 87 million. In third place – American writer Jeff Kinney (21 million dollars), the bestselling author of “diary of a weakling”.