Ukraine and Russia: two prophecies

There are two States, which for centuries roam vicious circles. The problem is that one of those States — our, and our range overlaps with the neighboring and it completely and totally eliminates.

There is a psychological phenomenon, which is called “the Rosenthal effect”, or in the more beautiful, the “self-fulfilling prophecy”. If to formulate it as primitive, then if you perceive about the situation as true, it leads to what about the situation is true in fact. For example, if you before meeting with a stranger will tell that he considers you arrogant bastard, you have great probability will communicate so that people really do not think bad of you, really will come from the meeting with the feeling that you — the most that neither is an arrogant bastard, says Yury gudymenko for “Petr and Mazepa”. About the situation was true. Oh!

Another example, closer to us. Over the centuries Russia has circulated its citizens the Imperial thesis. Well, you know: “surrounded by enemies”, “Ukraine is little Russia”, “Russia has only two allies — army and fleet” and so on and so forth. In fact this led to the fact that the majority of Russians, childhood learning history in this Imperial manner, cease to perceive the project “Russia” filed in any format other than Imperial. In other words, for most of the population of Russia the most Russia can exist only as an Empire; the Russian leadership, understanding the mood of the citizens, and behaves accordingly (Transnistria, Georgia, Crimea, Donbass), which leads bingo! — the fact that the slogans about “enemies around” are of lies a true fact.

In the 1990-ies neither America nor Europe was not Russia’s enemies. On the contrary, Russia has helped struggling poured money into the economy, feed the starving (really hungry) Russians “Bush legs”, helping to write the plans of transition from a planned economy to a market… From the outside it looked like help an old drug addict trying to get off the Imperial needle. Russia seemed to really be able to throw a bad habit to meddle in the Affairs of its neighbors on the map. And sometimes it seemed that she would succeed, that the Imperial drug will remain in the past, and the biggest country in the world can become a normal democratic state, a worthy member of the world community, friendly tenant in an apartment building, with whom to say Hello in the stairwell is not shameful, and chat under the cigarette and the beer is nice, and money can sometimes take.

If you remember Russia’s cooperation with NATO public discussion of possible membership of Russia in the European Union, foreign funds is all that is the period of hope. Even overt Russian interference in the politics of neighboring States (Transnistria, Abkhazia, Ossetia) was treated optimistic Europeans and Americans sympathetic: “Well, once pricked — well, sometimes. This is terribly difficult — so just quit. Need a little bit. But it will turn out, we believe. One time — no inerest”. Yeah, of course!

The whole structure immediately collapsed when recovering addict escaped completely. In 2014, after annexation of the Crimea, when all at once it became clear that Russia is again bandaged the hand with a rubber harness and enthusiastically pricked, there was just three things. First, it enormously increased the rating of the Russian leadership. All the most notorious 86% of the population that a child does not really understand what Russia is able to develop independently, without any annexations and constraints to peace and “democracy” — this is not a dirty word, and let the real development of the country… So, those of 86% of the population happily howled and proclaimed Putin the new Stalin, and Russia — Empire, with all its consequences pricked veins.

Second, is the direction, seeing the growing ratings, we finally realized that the confidence of the masses can and should not keep reforms and democracy (it is long and not profitable for respected people, and yet, you see, there are all sorts ProZorro to enter necessary, and the cooperative “Lake” do not understand), and stupidly the strengthening of Imperial myth, and continued in the same spirit. “The same spirit” was our Donbass. No luck.

And third, as a consequence of the first two points, awakening the civilized world gasped and quickly began to press Rossiyushku to nail, crush the economy with sanctions, politicians, alienation from the processes, and military force — infusion of funds to Ukraine army and NATO countries. Self-fulfilling prophecy is fulfilled. The country, which prophesied the destiny of the Empire surrounded by enemies, became of it. Again. Just like in 1917, when a relatively democratic Provisional government proclaimed Russia a Republic, was overthrown by the Bolsheviks, which led eventually to the emergence of the Soviet Empire and the cold war.

Bingo! Magic. Witchcraft. And again Russia has no friends, but only the army and Navy. And again, around one enemies. And again trying to attract the Ukraine, without which Russia considers itself to be defective. A classic case of historical psychiatry. Looped story, again and again. Again and Again.

Our problem is that we are part of the prophecies of Russia. “Without Ukraine is not Russia”, — said comrade Trotsky in the process of flooding our land with our own blood. Our prophecy formulated recently, and for a long time. Here it is: “Ukraine TSE Europe” together. From the Anna Yaroslavna, who, like her sisters, were married to European rulers in the framework of European integration of the XI century, to the present bezveza and strategy “Ukraine in NATO”. This Danila Galitsky, crowned by the Pope; and Getman, zaruchivshis actively support European countries; this UPR with the Brest agreement, and UPA (organization recognized as extremist and banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and two square. This is a simple prophecy, and our task now is once again to execute it.

But at the same time to fulfill the prophecy and the Russian finally. Times without Ukraine is not Russia so let Russia will not. Our prophecies are mutually exclusive. And while we have our better, so be it. Amen!