The battle but not the war

Mid-week the US President Donald trump predictably passed by Congress signed the bill on new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, despite the fact that the law will not allow him to lift the sanctions against these countries without the consent of Congress.

As for Russia, the authors of the bill annexed to the States of the so-called axis of evil, the economic effect of the new sanctions is unclear. Russia’s real economy, unlike the financial sector, much stronger than is commonly believed in the West, so serious harm sanctions do to cause can’t, even if they used all opened by the law. Should add: in Russia itself, many are of the opinion that the sanctions only benefit the Russian economy, because it forced her to mobilize and develop the industry, which still relied mainly on imports.

In any case, hope that with the brakes on economic growth of Russia sanctions succeed in changing the political course of the state, is quite naive. There is little doubt that understand it also the U.S. Congress. This, in turn, gives grounds to consider the act as a tool in the political struggle in the United States between Congress and the President. Besides, the latter has suffered a strategic defeat.

It should be recalled that in the US Constitution the question of in which cases the President is empowered to act independently and when with the consent of Congress, interpreted in a very vague manner. For this reason, a huge role is played by political tradition, according to which foreign policy was still under the jurisdiction of the President. In U.S. history there was even a war that began without the consent of Congress, and from this point of view the possibility of trump in the international arena has now become much more modest than the vast majority of his predecessors in the White house.

This situation does not benefit the United States itself. In many cases, opponents, and allies, the US simply do not understand who and what to talk about, and to what extent you can believe and say the United States. This uncertainty, of course, multiplies the tottering international prestige of the United States.

But the most paradoxical — limiting the ability of the President of trump on the international stage good for President Trump, because it takes away responsibility, for example, that U.S. law on sanctions can create the energy sector of Europe.

This means that the internal policy of the USA ended one battle, but not war in General is not good news neither for the US nor for Europe.