Here is a twist: the six items in the house which bring bad luck

Some people are very superstitious. They are always looking for experiences, all up in my head and mentally project to fail. But still no need to condemn such an attitude to life. After all, if superstitions exist, then there are some grounds, and listen to other people’s experience is always useful, reports

Here are six of the items in the house that can bring failure:

1. Cacti


Feng Shui States that all plants with spikes and thorns (except roses) bring in all the negative energy and bad luck.

2. Dead plants


First, you need to ensure that your plants did not get dry, and the missing leaves — just throw it away. Secondly, it is not necessary to decorate the apartment of artificial flowers. It is also a source of negative energy.

3. Green wall


Here’s all about the story. Once the researchers used arsenic to make the green Wallpaper. Wet they began to develop a poisonous gas that poisoned people. Since it is believed that green walls — failures.


  • “Working” omens and superstitions of firefighters, doctors, policemen and sellers

4. Empty rocking chairs


The Irish believe that the empty chair invites the uninvited spirits, so they came and sat in it. If the chair wobbles in itself, they are already settled in the house.

5. Black doors


Unless they’re facing North. Otherwise they bring bad luck.

6. Old calendar


Folklore has it that showing the wrong year, month or day shortens your life. You can not dwell on the past and stop time. The same applies to not running hours.

If you have superstitions have value, then listen to these tips and try to fix bugs in your home.