Gulnara was the most powerful woman in Central Asia

She was educated at Harvard, spoke at the world economic forum and other meetings of the global elite, socialized with such stars as sting and Gerard Depardieu, she has successfully composed pop music, had their own clothing brand, in addition, it is even called among the possible leaders of Uzbekistan, the most populous country of Central Asia.

But today, with the name of Gulnara Karimova associate something quite different.

Because now Karimov — whose father, Islam Karimov, a former Uzbekistan dictator of three decades, died last year — accused in the homeland in a number of serious crimes. Fraud, manipulation of currency, smuggling, forgery and laundering illegal funds.

45-year-old Karimova, also known as the “Uzbek Princess,” has disappeared from public view in 2014, since there were rumors that she was or is under house arrest, or poisoned and secretly buried, which allegedly was the link in the intrigue associated with the possible successor of the father.

But last week the Prosecutor’s office of Uzbekistan’s capital of Tashkent unexpectedly announced that Karimov 2015 is in prison as a member of a criminal group that allegedly controlled assets worth about 10 billion kroner in 12 countries.

The statement said that she was secretly sentenced to five years in prison, but what she is being, and other charges.


A strategically important location

• Uzbekistan became independent in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

• Country, which is home to approximately 33 million people, occupies an important strategic position, neighboring, in particular, Afghanistan.

• From 1980 to 2016 the country was ruled by dictator Islam Karimov.

• The new leadership of Uzbekistan is now attempting to make the country more open.

Sources: BNE, JP

Was previously carried out large-scale investigation of the transaction Karimova, in which, in particular, has been involved respectable Swedish and Swiss firms and banks, but the fact that Karimov is in prison in the Motherland, the official Uzbek sources reported for the first time.

“The fact that she has a lot of money and property abroad — it is known. Therefore, the first task of the new government in Uzbekistan was to try to return the money in the country,” — such is the opinion of Russian political analyst Arkady Dubnov; made in an interview with TV channel “Rain”.

The eldest son of Gulnara Karimova-Islam-expressed in the program of the Russian television protest (against the mother’s detention in custody) and called the trial a political mother: “She didn’t even know what she’s charged with”, — he said.

Iron dictatorship

The new ruler of Uzbekistan, located at the bottom of the global rankings for the respect of human rights 60 — year-old Shavkat Mirzoyev.

He gave to understand that will seek to mitigate in a number of areas where the former dictator was under strict control: “After it came to power, he has made many promises in various fields, ranging from human rights to improve the business climate, in an attempt to dismantle the heritage of Islam Karimov and open populous Central Asian state is the world,” says Ben ARIS (Ben Aris), editor in chief of the analytical service BNE.

But Shavkat Mirzoyev cannot absolve themselves of responsibility for what was also involved in the creation of a corrupt and repressive system in Uzbekistan, which served all his life.

“Gulnare, all doubt guilty and must stand trial, but it is impossible to pass on to her all the responsibility. No matter what, its partners and associates were high-ranking officials. They need to fire and prosecute,” writes Facebook in Kasymbek Khalikov, Uzbek lawyer, according to news Agency Eurasianet.