The expert explained, why Putin decided to get rid of Ukrainian refugees

In Russia, the fear that refugees from Ukraine may affect the protests of the Russians, which could lead to Russian Maidan amid new us sanctions. This opinion was expressed by the “observer” military expert Alexey arestovich, commenting on the grant of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the return of Ukrainians to their homeland.

In his opinion, the intention of the Kremlin to get rid of Ukrainian refugees from Donbass can be part of the Kremlin’s response to U.S. sanctions.

“In the Kremlin understand that the Ukrainians cannot be re-educated. Whatever they were Russian-speaking, fans of the “Russian world”, they still bring the virus of Ukrainian anarchism, the tendency to rebel, not to obey the authorities and to be canny. Apparently, it does not suit Russia,” – said the expert.


  • More than 100 thousand Ukrainians in 2016 received Russian citizenship

He noted that Putin may fear the emergence of a Russian Maidan from-for sanctions of the West, and the Ukrainians can help, having the experience of the protests.

“These people have the experience of rebellion is always very dangerous. When people have no experience of rebellion, they decide to do this for a long time, if ever solved, because they don’t understand what to do. And the people who once rebelled, willing to rebel a second time in the fifth, the tenth. Because Russia has left at least one million Ukrainians, this is a very dangerous combustible material. So they are trying to get rid of them and Vice versa, to drive into Ukraine, so they are rebelling,” said arestovich.

As reported, Vladimir Putin has allocated a grant of 470 thousand rubles (about 200 thousand UAH) for the project for the repatriation of refugees to Donbas.