Study: e-cigarettes dangerous to health

Scientists from National laboratory of Lawrence Berkeley in the United States found that inhalation of vapor from vaping can cause long-term effects on health and lead to reduced life expectancy. The reason is contained in the smoke toxins, the concentration which exceeds the maximum allowable value. Article scientists published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Briefly about the study stated in a press release at EurekAlert reports

Although electronic cigarettes do not produce harmful substances characteristic of tobacco smoke, in a pair, there are connections that are potentially dangerous for human health. These include acrolein (tear chemical with a pungent odor), the carcinogen formaldehyde, as well as diacetyl that can cause disease of the lungs when breathing. The researchers found that some amount of these substances can inhale the user of vaping and the people around him.


  • Periodontal disease was the cause of cancerous tumors

Scientists have modeled several scenarios, which used different liquids for electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and modes of operation of the batteries. In addition, we studied the impact of daily number of puffs. It turned out that those who make 250 puffs a day using the devices in the 3.8-4.8 volts, inhaling acrolein, formaldehyde and diacetyl in quantities above the established norms. In addition, in areas where vaping is allowed, the concentration of harmful compounds is also higher than the permissible values.

However, according to experts, the number of lost due to vaping years of life still less than from Smoking tobacco.

In 2015, the UK Department of health introduced the report, stating that the use of wapow 95% safer than Smoking cigarettes.