How could he: the main signs of the cheating husband

Signs of infidelity husband can, at first glance, be absent or so inconspicuous that they can not pay attention. Your husband may suddenly show a desire to come in to work, because it’s less suspicious than coming home too late, writes

So in one moment the case came before the divorce in the family, pay attention to my husband’s behavior lately. A combination of factors can be or a sign of infidelity husband or a harbinger of things your husband is going to start “breaking bad”.

Thus, the main signs of infidelity:

  • Any change in the usual course of things, for example, before he could ring or write to you several times daily and recently stopped doing it.
  • He often invites in the evening for dinner.
  • My husband always stares at passing girls and women.
  • A man ceases to make plans for the future and discuss them.
  • He starts to play sports and keep myself in good shape.
  • Begins to carefully follow the wear.
  • He returned home later and later.
  • Husband suddenly gives you an expensive thing (perhaps, feels guilty).
  • The man let his mustache or shave them.
  • He enthusiastically talks about his colleague or another girl.
  • Sex in marriage was to happen less frequently. He denies a sexual relationship for different reasons. And maybe, on the contrary, become more active in bed, beyond measure.
  • Husband not wearing a wedding ring for implausible reasons. References, such as, for itching.
  • He often became rude to you and get annoyed when dealing with you.
  • You caught the eye of any accounts from a restaurant or hotel for the paid room.
  • The same applies for unknown phone numbers that fall out of his things.
  • He refuses to take you on a trip.
  • Husband always goes somewhere “with friends”, and you are always home.
  • He gets a separate phone number.

Of course, in relationships most importantly – confidence. Your husband should not suspect all sins. But take a closer look at their behavior and conversations, analyze his actions to the fact of change was not a surprise for you in the future.