What foods to eat to grow long hair: some tips

First of all, should abandon the habit of snacking fast fudami, to eliminate or minimize the flow of spicy, fatty and fried foods, carbonated beverages, reports silazdorovya.ru.

Helpful to eat more vegetable or fruit salads, but it is not necessary to mix at one time vegetables and fruits. It is useful to eat more greens, especially in the season.

For nutrition of the hair follicle needs a sufficient intake of foods rich in calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iodine, chromium, beta-carotene. An indispensable source of nutrients are yeast containing the protein mass of microelements, vitamins, especially group b and B7 (Biotin), essential amino acids.


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During the year, for the prevention of loss, prevention and elimination of breakage is useful to take one or two courses of brewer’s yeast. For healthy skin, nails and hair, prevention of dandruff greatly influenced the condition of intestines and other digestive organs. So at least twice a year in the home must undergo the cleansing course of anti-parasitic, getting rid of pathogenic organisms accumulated harmful substances.

For admission of a sufficient amount of vitamins necessary to the growth of hair of sufficient length, it is necessary to choose a vitamin complex, taking it to the manufacturer’s recommended rates. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it is more important than performance and absence of individual intolerance.