The patience of President Putin

After the arrival of Donald trump in the White house, it seemed that relations between the US and Russia finally the ice breaks. It foreshadowed the statements of the new American President.

The differences between the powers over different geopolitical problems — first of all, the “misunderstanding” in solving the problems of the civil war in Syria is somewhat dampened these hopes. Still, after the meeting of the two presidents at the summit Big twenty in Hamburg, it seemed that finally “dawned the light at the end of the tunnel.”

However, it appeared that the President of the United States, “the most powerful man on the planet”, is not omnipotent.

After the entry of Donald trump into the presidential position gradually became clear that Washington it will not be easy. Surfaced the fact that many suspected: the Federal government, including intelligence agencies, impregnated “obamizm”. I have long said that Trump in the White house will have to replace all up to the cook.

And I wasn’t far from the truth. In Washington Donald trump can feel like a skydiver, landed in the protectorate.

To relieve stress, I’ll allow myself to quote a joke from one article published on the website Neviditelný pes in April of this year.

— Mr President, I have a message for you from the head of the CIA.

— Really?

— Yes, he said that after the attack on Syrian airbase you is not worth it to drive to Dallas!

Now seriously.

Russian President Vladimir Putin still affirmed that he had strong nerves, remaining indifferent to all the provocations by US and NATO.

When at the end of last year, President Obama sent 35 Russian diplomats, President Putin went on retaliatory step that Donald trump praised him by calling him “clever” politician.

It might seem that common sense finally wins the bellicose claims of President Obama and his allies.


But where there. The efforts of President trump is faced with the anti-Russian hysteria in America. After the approval of new sanctions against Russia, President Putin cannot be attributed to the fact that he’s now “decided” to retaliate.

Something is wrong with the modern American “democracy.” And that’s bad news.