Happy life of Natalia in Beijing

— We love China and Beijing we became a city, especially in the soul of my daughter. Our family is already accustomed to life here, without feeling that we are strangers, — Russia’s Natalia Nikitina recently told to the correspondent of the newspaper “people’s Daily” in Beijing.

Natalia with her husband and daughter live in Beijing for the 14th year. A few years ago they rented an apartment in Wangjing, in the North-Eastern part of this international metropolis. This is the third time they were forced to change the rented house. But because of this, they were able to live in different areas of Beijing. Her husband works in the office of the Russian transport and logistics company. And their daughter is studying in Beijing United University.

Education Natalia teacher and psychologist. During his stay in Beijing he worked as a teacher in an international kindergarten, as well as in the Russian kindergarten, which was opened by the Russian woman with her Chinese husband, especially for children who want to learn Russian language.

Currently, Natalia is mainly engaged in his family. In addition, she helps her husband in organizational work — meets and accompanies the customers from Russia.

On Saturdays, Natalia takes part in the work at the Russian cultural center, which is located in the district Donjimeno. She said the main goal is not to make money, and in dealing with people and helping them.

Natalia met her husband during College years. At the end of the universities they were working, each in their specialty. Natalia’s husband studied Chinese at the University and a few years later he was sent to long-term business trip to China, so the whole family moved to live in Beijing. She found it difficult to make this decision and to change everything in my life is to leave a stable job, career, family and friends. She was worried about something that will not be able to get used to living in a foreign country without having friends and family, as well as not knowing the Chinese language.

But life in Beijing is like her family. Beijing is an amazingly beautiful city. The skyscrapers, wide roads, comfortable vehicles, beautiful buildings, an abundance of flowering plants and especially the friendliness and hospitality of the people of China left a wonderful impression about the life in China.

As soon as Natalia arrived in Beijing, she began to study Chinese with a teacher. Now she can speak Chinese, although he thinks he knows the Chinese language is not good enough.

For 13 years in China, Natalia together with his family visited many places in different parts of China. They were in the cities of Shanghai, Dalian, Sanya, Zhang Jia Jie, Chengdu, Xian, etc. They are attracted by not only the wonderful scenery and historical and cultural sites, but also varied and rich Chinese cuisine. Impressive is the fact that China’s economy is developing dynamically.

Infrastructure in China is developing very fast and reaches a high level. We traveled to different countries and noticed that Beijing and other cities of China as modern and beautiful as many famous capitals of the world, — Rasskazyvaet Natalia.

— Do not get tired to be surprised how fast your country is developing. For example, in the Beijing subway, until 2008, operated only 3 lines. After the Olympics in Beijing, many new lines were created one after another, they formed a convenient transportation network of metro. Beijing railway stations, especially Beijing capital international airport is striking for its size and beauty. All very modern and comfortable, — continues to share their impressions about China Natalia.

According to Natalia, the transport system in Beijing organized perfectly. For example, in subway stations not only comfortable but also convenient for all passengers, including foreigners, signs with inscriptions are found everywhere, are well visible, also in two languages-Chinese and English.

Natalia told the newspaper people’s Daily: “the Leaders of Your country are very wise policy pursued by the government is very effective. Especially the policy of reform and opening up greatly changed the appearance of the country. China is building socialism, cleverly using market-based instruments in the development of the economy, as a result, the people of China are living better and better. But no matter how beautiful a foreign country, their own homeland is always nice and the road cencus.

Natalya misses Russia, the hometown and relatives who live in different cities it is a huge country. In Russia, more relatives than friends, and in China the opposite. But when they return to Russia, she will again get used to life at Home.

At the end of our meeting it came to Chinese New year-the lunar calendar — the Spring festival. Natalia said: “We, like all residents of China, are very fond of this holiday and be together with our Chinese friends solemnly to meet him. China is an amazing country with rich history and traditions. Chinese people are very friendly and welcoming.”

During the years of living in Beijing Natalia and his own family, met and became friends with many good people and happy to have found true and good friends among the Chinese and foreigners. They want to perfect wish China prosperity, peace and friendly relations with all. She said, “Let every Chinese family will have prosperity and love, wish all the Chinese people happiness and prosperity!”