As if it responded to Russia?

There are different numbers of casualties in the two Chechen wars in which Russia fought against Chechen separatists. Some experts believe that Russian soldiers and police officers lost in Chechnya from 5 to 15 thousand soldiers and officers. It is possible that these figures may be overstated or understated.

US to stop war, to prevent new casualties, has signed a contract with the President of the Russian Federation and Chechnya were in its peacekeeping force and stationed in Chechnya, a small military base. In the future, the peacekeepers, the US joined the peacekeepers of Russia and Chechnya. Chechnya thanks to the peacekeepers of the United States has become the de facto independent but de jure still part of the Russian Federation.

It’s been 25 years. One of the Ministers of the United States, which oversees on a continuous basis Chechnya and tells them how to behave with Russia, decided to travel to Chechnya together with the leadership of the unrecognized Republic to celebrate the anniversary of this event. And the President of Russia decided not only to go with him, but the reward of peacemakers of the United States and Chechnya, and at the same time, under the supervision of the Minister of the United States, to hold talks with the President of Chechnya.

How would Russia react to all this?




hombre: Rudeness.

Vitaly Andrievsky: why you do not like the behavior of the United States?

hombre: This is a response to the title of the article.

Leo Berg: Why did you mention only the losses among servicemen of the Russian power structures? According to various sources, under Russian bombs, missiles and shells in Chechnya, perished from 50 to 100 thousand civilians in Chechnya, Russian citizens (children, women and the elderly).Thousands of Chechens have “disappeared” during Russian “sweeps” of settlements. That is, victims in Chechnya was ten times more than during the armed conflict in Transnistria. Let me also remind you that during the Soviet aggression against Afghanistan in 1979-89 years, in addition to approximately 15 thousand dead Soviet soldiers and officers as a result of massive bombing, shelling and punitive actions against the Afghan Mujahideen killed about a million Afghan civilians and several million fled to neighboring countries

Vitaly Andrievsky: Not mentioned, because Russia did not consider their own. Therefore, bombs were introduced tanks. But I do not know. I would just like to Russians who believe that Russia, Putin, Rogozin, to do the right thing, put yourself in our place. Since 1992, Russia behaves as a master in Transnistria, regardless of the national and the interests of Moldova. Placed its troops there. Oversees all action leaders in the region. If to behave like USA or Turkey, in Chechnya, how would they react? Resigned? Was awarded with orders of the Americans and Chechens? Spread the red carpet before the American (Turkish) officials? But hypothetically it could be. Yeltsin could sign such a Treaty with the United States. As for the future, then it is possible something similar in the East of Russia. And there will be separatists to spark conflict, and China will introduce its peacekeepers.