In Australia a kangaroo jumped over a cyclist in motion (video)

In Australia cyclists during a trip in the hilly area near the city of Adelaide has experienced an exciting meeting with a kangaroo. The animal suddenly sprang from the roadside bushes, jumping over the head of one of the passengers.

Cyclist Michael Blend, caught right under the kangaroo during a jump of the animal, said the review: “His tail or leg just got caught on my helmet.”

In addition, the cyclist managed to duck slightly, making the animal ran him over.

In addition, known cases, when people meet with a kangaroo ended not so innocuous. In mid-January, a resident of the Australian city of Melbourne Debbie Urquhart barely survived, once while Jogging near the house she was attacked by an aggressive marsupial. The six-foot animal knocked the woman down and tore her claws.

Only when a woman pretended to be dead, kangaroos walked away, and she managed to get to the house, bleeding profusely. At the hospital the victim was diagnosed with rupture of several muscle and deep abrasions, put 35 stitches.

In August last year, reported a similar incident in the Australian city of point Vernon, Queensland. There is a kangaroo attacked a two-year girl who was walking in the yard along with six-year-old brother. To help the child came to his mother.

In may 2016, the kangaroo attacked the two women who ride bikes in the Clare Valley in South Australia. The victims suffered serious injuries: one of them had fractured ribs and internal injuries, the other escaped with a concussion.