Alone sanctions enough to stop Putin’s plan

President Donald trump finally spoke out against Russia. On Wednesday morning, the President approved new sanctions against Russia and other countries, which are considered a threat to the United States. In addition to the provisions limiting its authority over foreign policy, which he criticized, the President, trump announced that he “signed this bill in the name of national unity” because the bill “reflects the will of the American people who wants to see Russia taking steps to improve relations with the United States.” In anticipation of this step of President trump, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered the US to immediately withdraw from Russia 755 diplomats. It’s time for Trump to President and Congress to work together to take more decisive action.


Putin obviously believes that these new sanctions will damage the Russian economy, and did not hesitate to reciprocate. The United States needs a real strategy to counter Russia. Despite rumors that the President trump has decided to dismiss Muller for his investigation not only in relation to campaign trump, but and Finance the President and his business Empire, persuaded him. However, sanctions, which approved trump, not enough to cancel the ongoing investigation.

While Washington continues to bicker, President Putin is implementing his plan for the separation of the West and the destruction of NATO. The biggest threat we face is the movement of Russian troops. According to recent reports, Russia is sending nearly 100,000 troops on the border NATO for military exercises. Russian tank army, consisting of 800 units, the total number of tank units of NATO in the Baltic States. In the case of a first strike from the Russian side, our forces would be easily discarded and it is time for our leadership is really serious about this.

Now Vice-President Mike Pence, who is in Europe, assures our allies, telling them “we are with you”, just weeks after President trump finally agreed to adhere to article 5 of the NATO Charter. Vice-President Pens also strengthened the administration’s position, saying: “We expect that Russia’s behavior will change.” President trump should take note of the words of the Vice President Pence, and more openly support our European allies in the face of growing crisis.

Military exercises of Russia in the Baltic region are a blatant expression of demonstration of power of Russia, and a reminder of their military force. But sanctions against Russia are not enough to stop the main plan of Putin. The greatest concern is the inability of NATO to mobilize simultaneously on two fronts, since Russia is directly threatened as Poland and the Baltic States. Earlier this year, the United States allowed to carry out international monitoring of its military exercises using Exercise Saber Guardian. Suspicious that Russia did not allow such observation.

These exercises are conducted in preparation for a potential conflict between Russia and NATO. Extreme concern is the fact that Russia refuses to take part, because now they have access to the teachings of the United States, but we have no access to their [teachings]. This is a serious strategic disadvantage for the United States and another indication that Putin strengthens its position in the West, which is very similar to the military past of Russia. This development is much more traditional than the “hybrid war” — normal, asymmetric and cyber — wars in which Russia participated in recent years. With tank units, the General plan of Putin was one step closer to completion. The new sanctions — a good first step, but the United States should work with its allies to continue to harm Russia financially, and to suspend the rapid military expansion of Russia. Successfully dividing our country politically and now, preparing for a possible war, Putin gets the advantage.