Hat Holmes

Recently I started to go outside in a hat. It — the hat hunter deer with two peaks front and back, like Sherlock Holmes. I bought it a few years ago in London’s Covent garden. This is the place where in the musical “My fair lady” met Eliza and Higgins. There I met with a hat Holmes. Since then I wear it, even when walking around Tokyo.

In fact, I used to hate hats. In the garden are all forced to wear the yellow caps. I always get a cap that was too small. It seems that I had a head more than usual, so I always gave the hat a size larger: three years for children four years; four years to five. In six years I had to sew the cap on special order.

The situation has not changed and after I went to school. I was small even at the largest size, but since bigger was not, had the power to put a cap on his head. Naturally, it was painful. I understand the suffering sun Yuna. After that I always aspired to be without hats.


However, in some cases they cannot be avoided. For example, in winter Russia.

As a University student and a graduate student, I often traveled to Moscow and Leningrad as a Russian translator. New Year and Christmas are usually the air temperature is below zero. Russian frightened me with a serious expression: no cap brain freeze.

While many wore thick knitted hats, but since I was in Russia, like “Tu” hat. In Russian is called “a hat”. She had no visors, but there is a part in order to close the ears. Typically, these “ears” go up and tie the drawstring at the top of the cap. They fall only when very cold.

By the way, hats Holmes also has the same “ears”, but they also usually are at the top.

Hats with earflaps are made of different materials. The elite make fur. The value of fur hats differed depending on the type of fur. Cheapest — rabbit. Usually these caps are painted black. Expensive ones, are hats made from furs of ermine, sable, or mink. Hats silver Fox could afford only the Kremlin VIPs.

When I worked as a translator in my spare time looking for hats with earflaps I went to the Moscow Department store. As I expected, hats of mink and silver Fox was very expensive, so I wasn’t able to buy them. I said that the cheap rabbit fur cap gradually falls. After much deliberation I settled on the cap of the beaver. 30 years ago this hat was worth about seven thousand yen. For me, it was a bold move.


#1991 pic.twitter.com/T8e6BMP6eF

— Fumiya Matsuoka (@fumiya_phase25) 25 Dec 2016

I really like this hat. First, it is not too tight. Because it is designed for Russian, it is very big. Besides, it’s warm. Beaver fur is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Since then, I always took her with him to the USSR.

However, lately I don’t go to Russia, so I have nowhere to wear it. Of course, in Japan I also don’t use. Under the influence of global warming in Tokyo, the cap is not needed. Judging by the video from Russia, there is also a decrease in the number of people in hats with ear-flaps.

So now I wear the hat of Holmes.

Today I also went into the hat and walked around the area Candizyme. Search of books is no different from a detective investigation. Justifying that, I wander around the district, which is famous for antique books.