The mystical death of Putin’s executioner

The self-proclaimed government of the Donetsk national Republic said about the “terrorist attack”, its “state news Agency” about the “suicide attack” on the leader of the rebels. After a few hours “the military command of the people’s Republic” declared that the attacks were used flamethrower type “RPO-A Shmel”. According to him, Givi died instantly.


Conflicting reports suggests that the death of Pro-Russian commander has something to hide…

Salon Leo and a war criminal


Local field commander “Givi” was known as his extravagant life-style, and war crimes, which are documented on video.

His 35th birthday he celebrated in July 2015, a few kilometers from the front between the tanks, with loud music and many young women.


Also on other occasions “Givi” was celebrated in between fights, dancing with their comrades, and all filmed on camera.


Much more important: the commander of abused prisoners of war and always said that he wants to execute them. Just how close was the camera, he became even more cruel, the prisoners were thrown from the tank, humiliated and beat them, and Russian television filmed it all on camera.


For that Fat 16 February 2015 was included in the sanctions list of the European Union.


It is unclear who gave the order to kill Mikhail Tolstykh. Russian state news channels quoted one of the representatives of the rebels, who claimed: “the evidence we can confidently say that this tragedy was organized by the Ukrainian secret service”. Also the news Agency of separatists talked about “terrorist act” of Ukraine.


According to BILD, Ukrainian activists in the region also do not rule out the deliberate killing of that person by the Ukrainian underground.


Ukrainian soldiers at the front receive a SMS that needs to intimidate and demoralize them. Experts believe that behind this lies the Kremlin.


But more likely, alleged that the Kremlin wanted to get rid of one more witness his intervention in Eastern Ukraine.

One activist from the occupied city of Luhansk told BILD: “Givi knew who shot down the plane MN17 and the source of weapons for terrorists. Now he can’t make public as if it ever caught”.


The Kremlin denies such accusations. Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said in Moscow: “this can not be and speeches”.


However, it is clear: Mikhail Tolstoy was not the first of the “people of the first hour” of violence in the Donbas in recent months and years died sudden and unnatural death.

Killed were many of Putin’s executioners


27 January 2017 in Moscow has died the Russian Valery Bolotov, the first leader of the “Luhansk people’s Republic” from may to August 2014. Supposedly from a heart attack. For many Ukrainians he was the living proof that in the East of Ukraine it was not about “rebellion of the local population”, and Russian intervention. Bolotov will not be able to Express their position.


16 Oct 2016 Arseny Pavlov, a Pro-Russian commander and was also in the sanctions list of the EU, died in a bomb explosion in Donetsk. With him died his bodyguard when the bomb exploded in the Elevator shaft of his houses.


Also Pavlov, aka “Motorola”, boasted of their war crimes. “I shot 15 prisoners,” — he was proud in an interview with a Ukrainian journalist.

Already there have been numerous killings of the commanders of the two self-proclaimed people’s republics. In 2015 killed three senior military officers in the “Luhansk people’s Republic” who argued with the self-proclaimed head of the Republic Igor Carpentry. Pavel Dremov, the commander of the Cossack regiment, Alexey Mozgovoy, commander of the police battalion and Alexander Bednov, commander of the riot police, were killed by the bullets or the explosion of a car bomb.


A total of nine high-ranking Putin’s torturers, including several Russian citizens were killed in the East of Ukraine is not the result of military action.


Whether it’s Ukraine or Russia, which forced them to forever shut up — killed by the butchers of the Kremlin in any case no longer a danger to President Putin.