A lesson of the University of Cambridge: “All white people are racists”

One black student at the University of Cambridge recently stated that “all white people are racist” (This was said in response to Saturday’s riots in the district of Dalston in East London). His name is Jason Okundaye (Jason Okundaye Osamede). He is also Chairman of “the Black and minority ethnic” (Black and Minority Ethnic society) at the University of Cambridge.

Here’s what he wrote:

“All white people are racist. White middle-class, white, working class, white men, white women, white gays, white kids — all of them, you know? (12:23; 29 Jul 2017)

Another fantastically paradoxical thing is that, in his opinion, “white middle-class colonized” Dalston. Here is the full text:

“It is an absolute delight to see, as a white middle-class demonstrate frustration at the black people in colonized their Dalston”. 11:42; 28 Jul 2017.

Of course, if white people argued that the Dalston formally colonized black people, antiracists would call them racists. But since black people can’t be racists (they do not “have power”), then this statement also cannot be racist. Anything that says or does a black person cannot be racist. It meets the standards of many people and many anti-racist thinkers and scientists, some of them teach at the University of Cambridge, where he studied Okundaye.

No surprise then that as soon as this news spread outside of the Student Union and the University, the official representative of the University of Cambridge said: “Our school deals with this issue, and we will take appropriate decision”.

But if black people can be racist, then what can Cambridge do in this regard? Jason Okundaye did nothing wrong. That is, from the point of view of many theorists and scholars of the University of Cambridge, he did nothing wrong. He is black and therefore cannot be racist. It can only be a victim. But not a suspect and not even a free agent. He is a black man. A person with infantile consciousness formed on the basis of anti-racist theories and anti-racist activities.

Here’s what you can read on the website of the Student Union of Trinity College (Cambridge): “CPAM (Black and ethnic minorities) — the term used in the United Kingdom to refer to people of non-white origin.”

Thus, the society, Black and ethnic minorities, it seems, comes from the fact that all white people have something in common. That is, so I think everyone — from middle-class blacks from Africa (as Jason Okundaye?) to the poor Indians receiving scholarship. That is, that school is racist for the simple reason that it makes the absolute emphasis on race and skin color. Can you think of a better definition of racism than that? Ultimately, racism can be both positive and negative.

Probably, the members of Black and ethnic minorities believe that they practice and preach positive racism, although they are not used in relation to ourselves, the word “racism”. For example, in Cambridge University there are academic courses in which students say that “all white people are racist”. There is, of course, not use the inflammatory “discourse”, which applies Jason Okundaye. However, his position is a logical and political consequence of this theoretical and academic racism against white people.

This year in July at the University of Cambridge held a series of seminars on “Critical race theory”. It also conducts research under the title: “Racism in the United States is much deeper than the fan-based supporters of the trump of the number of people who believe in the superiority of the white race” (Racism in the US runs far deeper than Trump’s white supremacist fanbase). The author of this research work is Nicholas Guyatt (Guyatt Nicholas), lecturer at the University of Cambridge.

Even more important is the fact that Cambridge University has published an article that concluded: it is impossible to allocate or “demonize” the “white working class” and accuse them of racism because, really, all white people are racists (which I believe is class prejudice).

I have a question: will Jason Okundaye one of the “awards” of which the students ‘Union, University of Cambridge (Cambridge University Students’ Union) has just announced through its “anti-racist” campaign? What could be better than to be antiracists and antiracist accusing all white?

However, Jason Okundaye dig their own grave, though he is a student at the University of Cambridge. If “all old people are racists”, then there must exist some racist facts. For example, facts about DNA, maybe. And if so, what white people do anything with this can not. It is a question of race. It’s in the genes. It’s a given. So why all this political and moral outrage? In this case, the change of white racism can be compared with the change in the colour or the number of fingers on a hand.

It is also ironic that this black racist is a member of “group equality”, University of Cambridge. Although only black and brown people can be members of it, a white Trotskyists, Communists and progressives from the middle class could support it in full. And these are the people against whom Jason Okundaye directs his racist remarks.

This, of course, is a variation of the more polite and theoretical racism academics and people like MP, Diann Abbott (Diane Abbott) (British shadow Minister of internal Affairs), which is what’s predictable — stuck his nose into what was happening in Dalston riots. Judging by her previous statements, she has the same beliefs as Jason Okundaye. For example, in 2012, she wrote: “White people love to play “divide and conquer”. We should not play their game”.

In 1988, at a conference in Philadelphia for the study of the problems of blacks, she stated that “racism was invented by the British.” In addition, she made a racist statement about white Finnish nurses.

Himself Jason Okundaye is a logical and political consequences of the academic “antiracism”. So we have to reap this crop.