The French do not want to spend time with French

“One of the strangest traits of Russian tourists, surprising foreigners — hostility towards compatriots. And if the French, British, Spaniards and Italians are always happy to see each other, want to relax flocks and joyfully to communicate, by chance he met at the resort, then our tourists grimacing face, hearing in streets Russian speech, and otherwise be debarred from their fellow citizens,” — so say the organizers of individual tours for Russians.

It turns out that not only the Russians dislike of sin to share the holiday with fellow countrymen. Noticed that abroad, the French stumbled on another Frenchman, bounces off him like a cat from the mirror, seeing his reflection.

Why? Let’s face it.

Overheard a conversation

“Bad luck! Just arrived, a group of French! Oh no, they are right next to us! Undoubtedly, they should be the loudest!” — angrily exclaimed a French tourist. The scene was spied in one of the popular restaurants of Budapest.

But the Hungarian capital, located two hours from Paris, in no way to blame, something like that could happen, and in the hookah Tangier, and in a bar in Manhattan, and in any other side of the world.

Interestingly, in as remote part of the world would not be a Frenchman, he will not to seek out other nearby French. Well, seditious thought — could he have gone there to avoid communication with their countrymen.


To blame the French to the French

Among the complaints of the French for his countrymen, as a rule, is:

they speak horrible English with that accent that he heard him “covered with paint of embarrassment”;

“they are very stingy” (in France particularly it is not customary to tip, and this custom French boldly spread to the whole world, no worrying that somewhere, there may be other traditions). Obviously, this change them at the same time really dislike the hotel staff, waiters and taxi drivers around the world;

“they act without embarrassment,” not hesitate to demand something or for something to complain about, and thank, getting requested;

“they’re speaking too loud, hustle and work actively elbows, making the way in crowd”;

“they’re trying to take advantage of any loophole to avoid paying for something or to qualify for some free service”;


True — trip a true Frenchman unprecedented feeling to perceive all it as a Scam attempt, therefore, to consider all the surrounding enemy envoys, including the unfortunate waiter, who as a punishment, of course, don’t get a tip.


Travel site based on a survey of visitors to the site spent entertaining research

“The French rarely laugh at themselves — this is the opinion of 50% respondents, on vacation they are killjoys and bullies, 16% don’t like their arrogance, and 10% of their greed”.


What the French want to see travel

“A Spaniard, a German and a Frenchman are flying in a plane” sounds like the beginning of a joke, really — a continuation of the survey on the website

“This summer, being in a long journey, one of neighbours-Europeans you would like to see in their company” — have asked 1000 French.

It is interesting that most Frenchmen have preferred to see himself near the Spaniards, finding them “pretty people”.


Read more:

It turned out that the French love their “Latin neighbors” — a perfect companion — “cute adventurer Hispanic” (22%) or “violent Italian speaking beautiful language” (19%). Will not ruin the trip and Northern neighbors — “good English” or “funny Belgians”, and “calm and organized by the Swiss”, however, scored less than 10%.


What the French don’t want to see trips

A third of respondents (32%) avoid traveling in the company of Germans, finding their authoritarian and rigid, in addition, they do not have such a delicate taste to speak the language, easy to understand, by pure chance, this language is French.

Behind them, by a wide margin, followed by “grumpy and rude” — the French, who received about 20% of the vote.

Interestingly, the Italians were in the anti-rating because of its “noisiness”, it prevents to travel 15% of the French.


Some funny comments of respondents to the survey:

“As a restaurateur, I can say that the French always something to be unhappy”.

“In whatever country I have visited — recognized French from a distance — they are either traded, or muttered”.

“I travel often in the company of French people and find them pleasant and fun, sometimes a little chauvinists, but that never stopped us from a good time”.

“I changed the 11 countries it forced me to further evaluate the “French life” for its diversity, its conservatism, its lack of resolution, its fine wines, its smelly cheeses, in short, for our culture tireless and attractive grumblers”.

Roster of travelers

Monitoring the French abroad can be easily divided into several castes on social grounds and reason of stay, but they never mix with each other.

Thus, a tourist with a camera around my neck, afraid to let go of a map of the city, will be laughed at by the student who came on exchange, jumping in a “strange city” from the bus to subway with the ease of a surfer, spending every night in the bars and restaurants of the town centre within three months. And the student will be despised by the Frenchman, who emigrated to the country, calling themselves the trendy word “Expat” — “so he really knows the country, not just the city!”. Throw in different social situation, we get “explosive mixture”.

All these nuances lead to the fact that a tourist feels at a total disadvantage, “the emigrant” trying to lose all contact with fellow countrymen using his “privileged status” among “local”, but “poor student” is bathed in happiness, being at the time outside France.

Finally, approval of a professional observer of the humanity, the cult French writer Michel Houellebecq:

“The Frenchman is so vain and narcissistic that the meeting with the compatriots abroad, it is absolutely intolerable”.