Volvo stops production of gasoline car

Volvo will cease production of cars with internal combustion engines in 2019, according to “Billboard.Daily” with reference to the Independent.

After a year, the Swedish automaker plans to shift production of electric cars, though the lineup will remain cars with hybrid engines. Thus, Volvo will become the first major manufacturer who will completely abandon the internal combustion engines.

“The demand for electric cars is growing, so we want the right to respond to current and future needs of our customers,” said Volvo CEO håkan Samuelsson.

From 2019 to 2021, the Swedish manufacturer plans to produce five cars with electric motor, two of them will be released under the brand Polestar owned by Volvo.

According to the portal EV–Volumes, last year the world has sold about 775 thousand cars equipped with electric motors of less than 1% of all cars sold.