How does a sushi bar: everything you need to know Ukrainians

Japanese kitchen came the Ukrainians to taste. Over the last ten years in all large cities there were dozens of “core” restaurants and sushi bars. And sushi and rolls you can even buy in the supermarket. The website “Today” visited one of the Kyiv restaurants of Japanese cuisine and learned how the facility operates and is it safe to eat here.

– I’m a bartender wanted to work. Came, and the guys say to me: “At the bar bored, go to the kitchen!” says the chef of the restaurant “Sushiya” in the Mall New Way Nikita. In just two years the young man has managed to build a career that many chefs can only dream of. Started as a waiter, then became the assistant to the bartender, then came into the kitchen.

Here, Nikita has had a “basic cook”, passed the exams and began to cook, gradually increasing their skills. Two years later, he took six-month training at “boss” and is now in charge of the technological team of the restaurant.

Now I have eight people. Sometimes new people come – if the person wants, he can come to me to learn. A few weeks of training, and if me and him are satisfied, after the exam, take the chef the first category. Do not have to learn to cook in special schools, although we are of course very pleased children with specialized education. I do have a degree in marketing, and 80% of the staff have a variety of diplomas, not only with the diploma of the cook, but the love for the kitchen would eventually win, – says Nikita.

“Not necessarily to learn to cook in special schools, although we are of course very pleased children with specialized education. I do have a degree in marketing, and 80% of the staff have a variety of diplomas, not only with the diploma of the cook, but the love for the kitchen in the end, wins,” says Nikita.

In sushi bars has a long tradition of: kitchen open, and any visitor can observe how fish are cut and twist it and roll. But all the “salt” of the work from the audience not to consider. Work hard all day to have to spend on your feet. And requirements hard – the staff, getting to change, his cell phone, rings, bracelets and massive earrings. Every morning, Nikita checks of the workpiece, making audit products and studying the stickers. If it is about to expire, the product is sent for disposal.

Fish purchased in Norway, where it is grown in cold waters, vaccinated and properly fed. The bidding is carried out, until the fish still in the water, and immediately after harvest, it is sent to the buyer.

– Us fish comes in freezers, and we stored it at a temperature of minus 18 degrees. Defrost only once. From when take out of the freezer fish, the countdown begins when we can cook, says chef.

Salmon kept only 24 hours. Although the standard permits the state to sell the fish for several days at sushiya standards have tightened – “so risk less.”

The rice is cooked in professional rice cookers. The chef then adds rice dressing rice vinegar and “vymeshivaem” his special blade, bringing it to body temperature. The process takes about an hour and is repeated several times a day.

The preparation of one roll takes only a few minutes. From the work of the sushi master is reminiscent of the conveyor belt: special Mat wrapped in plastic wrap, some rice, fish, pickles, cheese, a sharp knife, a few deft movements – and the portion is on the plate.

– I have to prepare one such portion is to the minute. First, of course, did not work. Maybe only the third time out the correct roll. Over time, the hand stuffed. Although we all can cook “by eye”, it is still all blanks to be weighed to make sure that the technology is observed, – says Nikita.

Photo: Danil Pavlov

Photo: Danil Pavlov

Photo: Danil Pavlov

Photo: Danil Pavlov

One of the most important skills of the sushi master – the possession of a sharp Japanese knife from hardened steel. This knife is not just a tradition. The sharp knife blade of pure metal allows you to slice, not tear the fish.

To personal hygiene special requirements. The day chef at sushiya washes his hands dozens of times. In this closely watched: wash hands after change of the technological process, a hike to the warehouse if touched the form… And just “prevention” – at least once per hour.

Myths about the work of Japanese restaurants, where to take fish and who take on the job

To common questions on the work of Japanese restaurants said the head of the quality control Department Sushiya Oksana Interview

Where do you get the fish?

The fish grow in Norway. It’s serious: fish are vaccinated, properly feed, monitor its health.

The salmon we buy directly. Participate in the bidding themselves import. Fish from a supplier comes chilled on ice. Then our contractor is already here, in Ukraine, it parses and especially for us, freezes the fillet according to the technology shock freezing in special chambers at a temperature of minus 32 degrees. This technology allows to stop the development of all microorganisms, which may be in the fish. And we can be sure that the product is safe.

Store fish in restaurants?

Fish comes from a Central warehouse in special refrigeration machines. We put it in the freezer directly to the restaurant and stored at minus 18 degrees. Then cook as required, sends it to defrost in the fridge. If you unfreeze the fish in air or in water, it can affect the taste. Meat can delaminate, lose water. But if the fish thaw in the refrigerator, the taste will remain. So the way we do.

If there is any doubt as fish or nearing end of shelf life, we all recycle. There are a set of international requirements applicable to all restaurants: the shelf life of foods, temperature conditions, commercial neighborhood, sanitation, hygiene employees. Their observance is required, but each manufacturer can develop and some additional rules for yourself.

For example, the shelf life of fish. Our technology fulfills every kind of fish. Ukrainian legislation in fact allows the use of very wide scope. But from the point of view of risk assessment this framework can be dangerous. Therefore, we are narrowing the expiration date. For example, salmon after defrosting according to the state standards can be stored for 72 hours. We’ve decided not to use salmon, which is stored more than 24 hours. Yes, on the one hand, we have complicated their lives, but are sure that the fish we have are always fresh.

Quality products, especially in Japanese cuisine, there are many. How do you manage to keep low prices?

We have a third raw material is our own imports. We don’t pay dealers. Seafood try to buy and bring into the country themselves. Introduce innovations in production and improving the technological processes.

Our network has executed this year for ten years. There are very experienced experts who thoroughly studied the market. This allows us, for example, to control the amount of waste. Our staff can accurately predict how much and when to eat, our guests, and enjoy about as much product as will be used on this day.

Who controls the operation of the restaurant? And how?

In addition to my people – auditors, quality control Department, we have auditors from the Department of technology, which control the quality and technology of cooking. They teach our chefs to cook strictly according to the technology. Their “audit” do as we do “raids”. Every restaurant we check at least once a month, anyone about it without warning. And sometimes more often. In General, do not give relax.

We control raw materials, control the warehouses and transportation conditions, monitor the storage conditions and cooking it in the restaurant, and then check the finished dish. As a result, I am sure that our product is safe.

We monitor all feedback on social networks, on our website. It is possible to call us. And there is no case that we did not respond to the opinion.

Why change so often the waiters?

Actually, the waiters at sushiya are changing not so often. There are guys who once upon a time “wandered” to the us to work for the summer and stayed with the company for many years. Some like the work of a waiter – communication with people, drive. Others have grown out of this profession and become managers. Almost all the Directors of our restaurants started out as waiters or cooks. A, having parallel to education, was in Central office positions in financial, marketing or HR Department. When there is a vacancy, before looking at the labor market we are trying to find man on the inside, which you can improve.

On the other hand, Yes, in the restaurant business working for many students. This may be a seasonal part time job or first job after University. If the person tried his and realized that he didn’t want to develop in this area, of course, he will leave. It’s the specifics of the restaurant business worldwide. The company is not very good, when you change the staff, because we train, train our personnel, but for a man it is a good opportunity not only to earn but also to gain new knowledge, profession. And we, in the end, we get a loyal visitor.

Want to work in the restaurant! Take?

Everyone can come and try. But no one from the kitchen will not be allowed. First you need to pass the mandatory training. Every restaurant has its own mentor who teaches new employees and helps them to learn the basics of the profession. Then the newcomers take the exam technologist-auditor.

Candidates will undergo an interview in which the HR-Department to check the trustworthiness of a person, his motivation, willingness to work in a team, positive attitude, love for people, without which hospitality is simply impossible. Employees we are officially issued.

All employees must pass examination and receive a medical book. Every six months, the company pays annual physical in the medical center, with which we cooperate, or elsewhere, the will of man.

Two weeks before the expiry of the validity period of the certificate to the employee given his medical records. If during this period the person does not pass the examination, it simply will not allow to work.

Of course, we monitor not only the health of workers. We continually train, develop, motivate. Because food for our guests it is necessary to prepare a good mood!

What nationality Sushiya?

“Sushiya” – Ukrainian company. We work only in Ukraine, the owners of Ukrainian businessmen. The first sushiya restaurant was opened in Kiev in December 2006. At this point in the network to 40 restaurants in 13 cities of Ukraine.