Travel in comfort: what additional services should provide the Ukrainians in airplanes, trains and buses

The country is the midst of the holiday season to autumn with just a month left, and Ukrainians increasingly planning a vacation and thinking of how more comfortable way to reach your selected resort. And the journey, as you know, pleasure unpredictable to plan a trip manage is extremely rare.

In the way things happen — for example, the passenger may get bored (especially when favorite gadget is dead), or before planting the bag tore off the handle — need urgent repair. In these cases come to the aid of “invisible” services for passengers, which are included in the ticket price and are provided in the trip for free. As a rule, with a list of additional free services available on the websites of the carriers.

Today, “found out that can count the passengers who travel by bus, train or airplane.


Everyone knows that in trains linen and tea bags in the famous glasses with coasters. But in addition to passengers of the railroad relies on a number of free, but not very obvious services.

For example, at the end of the trip, you can not collect your bed is a direct responsibility of the conductor. And pregnant ladies, the elderly and the disabled conduits are required and the bed cover. To time the train went by, the passengers can ask for the temporary use of Board games in stock are checkers, chess, backgammon and dominoes.

Also, the cars are free to drink boiled water, to use Cutlery (even if tea is not paid), fridge and microwave (should be in the compartment of the conductor), sewing supplies and first aid kit. Besides, if your top shelf, you can require seat belts. And guide has for the first request to calm down noisy neighbors.


A flight is considered on our own journey with increased comfort, because the passengers do not have to rely on a large number of free options. The price of the ticket usually includes free drinks (water, tea, coffee, juice), but everything else depends on the airline, class and duration of flight.

“The price of a ticket in business class, and economy class long-haul flight includes meals (sometimes even twice), as well as other free options — blankets, drinks, sometimes alcohol” — told us the Director of the Center of development of tourism of Ukraine Volodymyr Tsaruk.


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Nevertheless, even on local flights can be booked for an additional fee, but blankets and pillows can provide free of charge.

“If we have on Board are in stock blankets or extra portion of food, we will definitely provide them to the client for free regardless of class”, — shared with us the employee of one of the airlines. In addition, the planes will help with bandages, antiseptic and headache pills.


In the bus, as in aircraft, the service is different depending on the duration of the flight and the internal rules of the bus company. However, any passenger has the right to obtain detailed information about the bus route, as well as the number and duration of stops — they must be every four hours. In addition, if necessary, the passenger can demand the stop before.

On international flights the transport must be free water and hot and cold, and passengers can ask for tea or coffee in any quantity. In these buses must also be constantly open toilets, and passengers may ask the steward to turn on/off the air conditioner or to pay General light. Free first aid kit, blankets, and sometimes headphones rely.