“Game of thrones”: the problem with the Starks

Actually, it is quite needless to say, a movie in which dragons fly around the White walkers and radioactve Euron Greyjoy, is hardly the pinnacle of psychological realism. But I still say it — for two reasons. First, sometimes in the “Game of thrones” are really interesting, controversial, and moving story (see last tragedy of Tyrion). Second, sometimes in this series are brilliant and witty Repartee — a real treasure.

The whole problem — to scale and sustainability. In the short run “Game of thrones” is sometimes a very good — great dialogue, interesting dramatic effects. However, this does not always fit into the great story and the system of causality. In other words, the series has a big problem with character development. And the worst part it’s at the Starks, characters are too often pushed back, often it seems that the characters move in a circle.

Take, for example, competence Sansa in the “Queen’s Justice”. You do not seem strange? I now seemed. Sansa, the one Sansa, who complained that the father was protecting her, not taught that so few have adopted from her mother that she didn’t even know how to take Brienne on a service that failed to attract any of the Northmen under the banner of the Starks, which for some reason has not allowed John snow to use in the battle of the little finger support, and made numerous other blunders, is suddenly demonstrating an unprecedented managerial skills. The girl, unable to convince any of the Northern families to stand by her side, suddenly instinctively understands how to convince the lords to give her all the surplus grain under the condition that they will get the grain back if it’s needed? How did this happen? She is the second Sam Tarly? Or is it found somewhere in the textbook in preparation for the winter was to follow his instructions?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad Sansa woke up common sense and she began to take care of their people. However, this jump nervous a) because before that Sansa is constantly emphasized his lack of preparation; and b) because such abrupt character development in the series, we have seen many times — and it never led. The effect was maintained during the series — or, at best, of the season — and then erode. Remember, black dress that she wore in the Valley? And what happened next?

That is why how quickly dried her devotion to John snow, had to return bran, I am a little surprised, but not shocked. All of these wonderful manifestations of tender feelings of kinship meant nothing. They were a purely temporary phenomenon, and Sansa at the first opportunity, returning to old prejudices, which she seemingly turned, looking at the world. It seems that she learned nothing. She still prays to zakonodatelnoi and considers Branagh, who is younger than John, better stark than his older brother. Moreover, Sansa wants to proclaim him king. In short, it so degraded that I almost expected that she’ll make a southern hairstyle and want to marry Joffrey.

I promised I will not talk about ridiculous training Arya, so let’s move on to Jon snow. This case is extremely sad, but revealing. In our eyes, John grew up — so to speak — well-intentioned, pragmatic but impulsive and incompetent leader. It is easy to fall into the trap and it does not like to make decisions. He’s a nasty negotiator. It is difficult to understand what prevents him — either stupidity, or shyness, or integrity, or pride.

Remember how he met with leaders of the wildlings, and they asked him, where is mance Rayder? Remember what he said? “I pierced his heart with arrow”.
For this he was nearly killed. Well at least Tormund explains that John killed Mansa, to save him from burning alive. His search of allies before the Battle of the bastards was not much better. Without ser Davos and Lianne Mormont for him no one would go.
But in the end John seems to be ceases to be a lump of depression, not able to articulate their own position. He was able to plug the Sansa when she was trying to punish children Kosturkov and Amber for the crimes of the parents. John does not think it is correct and quite convincingly proves his innocence, thus demonstrating the presence of lords that he is not soft, and fair.

But this is “Game of thrones” — and he can not return to the former. In their conversation with Daenerys he’s got a couple of good replicas, but in General it is again woefully inept negotiating. As noted by Tyrion, his demands are senseless and unreasonable. Why he expects absolutely a stranger will fly to his aid, believing his allegations, in principle, impossible to understand. Really it’s so doesn’t understand people, that he never comes to prove their words? If so, then what from a leader? He could easily convince the audience, describing how he came back from the dead, and showing scars. But no. Somehow, he does. In the end, instead of convincing frankness we get the next defaults that make John look even dumber and more hopeless, and again zero development of his character.

Now on Bran. Previously, we saw how he learns from the three-eyed crow and traveling in the company of Worlds and Benjen stark. In these scenes, he was nothing like the detached lunatic who has now become. He watched the scene from his childhood of his father in Winterfell with a perfectly normal love and interest. So why now he can’t even hug his sister in response to her hug? Why he took it into his head to tell Sansa how good she looked that night when she was raped?

I saw the version that bran just too much for me and as a result has lost the ability to experience normal human emotions. Maybe so, but before it there was nothing. If, for example, we have seen how anxious the World is trying unsuccessfully with him for a proper conversation, it would have explained a lot. Without this we are forced to accept the fact that he just suddenly changed. Maybe it’s all in the touch of the King of the night. Maybe bran so traumatized history with Hodor. Maybe the three-eyed ravens emotions do not rely. Who knows? His history does not give us any explanation — a change in his character is just pointless and for them it is better not to think about. Do not try to make any conclusions given the fact that the us seems to be aware of Bran — say, that he is clever, as the whole logic begins to crumble. Remember how bran touched the King of the night? Remember, it is meant that the vampires can now enter the cave, which was previously protected from them? Like it was supposed to bring bran to the idea that he shouldn’t break through the Wall breach. Did not do it.

Of course, I also like the Starks. They were all like. However, to love them, it’s important to think about what they are doing. If other characters just gradually become embodied stereotypes, the Starks are so impervious to the logic of characters that any action can theoretically have any meaning.

This season of “Game of thrones” many have criticized — and rightly so — for many clumsy explanations (see the translation of the prophecy made by Missangie). However, there is a certain irony in the fact that the series, which is clearly over the top with explanations, at the same time, can not really explain the behavior of the audience favorite characters.