Letters from occupied Donbass. Look at the blockade

“Alternatives to coal from ORDA no.” Isn’t that something? Uncontested Minsk finally came to its logical conclusion — no alternative trade. But it is, so to speak, lyrical digression. And now, in fact.

The first is to say that the vast majority of Ukrainians with whom I had to communicate in the occupation, are categorically against the fact that unleashed now Grishin (semen Semenchenko — last Konstantin Grishin — approx. ed.), calling it a “blockade.” The most flattering review from the “rest”: “the Circus!” The others contain profanity.

The second point that I would like to focus on is the fact that these same people usually support the full blockade of the occupation and are willing to endure its consequences, if any occur. What is happening now and what it looks like for us here?

And here is how. For three years he was an active trade with ORDO. Three years was smuggling. More than two years at Semenchenko and his “pobratim”deputies were all legitimate ways, not perevarivaya trains and running around with guns, to form and to propose in the Parliament a clear policy in relation to ORDO. Trade, status, national assets. Moreover, as understood by our meager mind here, of occupation and direct the work of those who took the camouflage and sat in the warm a parliamentary seat in the suit. They are not expecting trips to the front, not waiting the work of welders somewhere near Yasinovataya, not waiting for fights with the police and open a second front and the third Maidan. They are waiting on the basic — their own legislative work, the results of which then, without alternatives and buses with special forces from Abroskin, will be required to perform anyone who wants to live in a normal legal state. The state in which the laws stopped the train, not the people in Balaklava. But none of this pan Semenchenko three years did not. But suddenly, for no reason, no reason, — blockade. Perhaps the suddenness, three years of inactivity and the identity of “locking” — those questions that did not immediately find the answer.

But we move on. “If for one week will not be released or released through an exchange of all prisoners of war, APU, the soldiers of the ATO are starting a global blockade of Ukrainian territories under the occupation of terrorists. And then it will be clear to everyone as enough of an enemy force.” — Someone else remembers this top of populism? How many guys were released? Or the discussion moved in the plane “knock and Abroskin”? By whom and how generally was given the ultimatum, except on TV? Are there talks about such a release?— The answer is obvious: no. This topic is not in principle could occur because the release of at least one prisoner under pressure — a blow to the image of the “invincible heroes” of the “new Russia” that the militants do not allow a priori.

The next issue is the “blockade”. What is a blockade in the understanding of the local occupation? This:

1. The blockade of all railway communications with uncontrolled territory.

2. Blockade of deliveries of contraband road. Trucks of goods quietly enter controlled territory through the checkpoints, not counting the thread that goes through (juices, cheese, sausage, ketchup, “jeweler”).

3. Sanctions against Ukrainian companies through dummy customers, supplying the above-described products in ORDA from Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Cherkassy.

4. Refusal to supply water, and telecommunications (“Ukrtelecom” still works in Makeyevka, and Vega only recently “pressed”), of electricity.

5. The possibility of leaving ORDO everyone with social guarantees from the state (accommodation, social assistance, employment) — subsequent to the closing of the PPC.

But the ketchup will not earn much. KPVV closure means an end to the smuggling. Blockade of all railway branches means… personally I think a bullet in the head. And, somewhere in peaceful Kiev. Therefore, they do not.

Go ahead. Anyone of the commentators on the pages Semenchenko, there are molded icons in the spirit of “God bless St. Simeon”, all know what the situation is now formed around the assets of the Foundation in occupation? During exacerbation of Avdiivka Vila Akhmetov “Dubki” first came under fire for all 3 years (!) war. Even in 2014, when standing next to her was the militants ‘ checkpoint, everything was intact. And now, a kind of cut off horse head from “the Godfather”. Hi-handed.

And then “two of the casket” — Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky — were going to “press” the remains of the assets of DTEK, if they will not “officially” pay taxes “Treasury” of the “Republic”. Recover, that is called:

“We have a very long and patiently put up with being on “our” territory, “non-residents”, which, not recognizing the “Republic”… using its resources, manpower, enriched themselves and enriched the Ukraine.” — Nothing like? Semen, too long tolerated. And suddenly also decided to stop “trade in blood” Akhmeta coal. By the way, if anyone thinks that blocked the coal is mined Russian officers on personal mines Zakharchenko — put icons and more.

Follow-up. Most of the Ukrainians — and in the occupation, and “freedom” — indeed for the blockade. For real quality, not the display. I, by the way, one of them does not belong. But to ensure its needs in Parliament — it is their direct responsibility. Unable to hold it legally? For the hundredth time stopping “criminal power”, which they themselves brought?— Go away and do not occupy a strange place.

And the last one. It is to my fellow citizens: not tired bruise from the rake? Just stripped icons “Svyato Nad” the captive, — and here again? Mindlessly. Emotionally. As always.