Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes prolong life for 12 years

Maintaining a healthy weight, quitting Smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation can add up to 12 years to life, new data shows German scientists from the Institute of demographic studies. Max Planck writes “Orthodox”.

While the women who follow these recommendations, you can count on an additional 12 years of life, men can prolong his life for 11 years, experts say.

The experts analyzed more than 14,000 people aged from 50 to 89 years and found that women who never smoke, is not obese and consume moderate amounts of alcohol, live 12 years longer than women who indulge in these unhealthy habits. Men who avoid Smoking and alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight, live 11 years longer. According to the researchers, moderate consumption of alcohol can add 7 years to life, while quitting Smoking and lack of obesity allow you to live on 4-5 years longer without disability.

“A healthy lifestyle is enough to get certain health benefits, says Dr. Mikko of Myrskyla. – Preventing obesity, giving up cigarettes and drinking alcohol in moderation are not an unrealistic goal”.