TOP 5 ways to set yourself up for work after vacation

Going on vacation, do not leave the incomplete based on the fact that you will finish them then. Characteristic signs “postoppkrav syndrome”: sadness, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, impaired perception, when even simple things seem impossible, reports

Psychologists have deduced a number of tips to help yourself quickly get back in the game:

1. Vacation should not radically change the order of the day: to dance till dawn, then sleep until noon. You can certainly let loose, but only as an exception. Otherwise, at the end of the holiday you will feel fatigue. Besides, returning, you again have to adjust to a new regime.

2. Even on vacation periodically force the brain to work. The debit with the credit reduced, of course, is not required. But to use your brains, solving a crossword or reading a book will not be superfluous.

3. Periodically call or chat with colleagues who remained at work. In all case details to understand should not be, but knowledge of what happens in General will greatly facilitate the task of the imminent integration in the workflow.

4. Back from vacation a couple of days before going to work. So you will be able to quickly adapt to the situation, which had to break the habit, and mentally prepare for work.

5. Do not handle all things at once. Take a break: tell us about your vacation, ask colleagues about the news. So you will smoothly fit into the overall process.