How to quit Smoking: ten simple steps

Smokers die at a young age, usually from 35 to 60 years. The reason for this are disorders of the heart and blood vessels, brain hemorrhage, cancer, caused by intoxication, and diseases of the lungs.

Despite the arguments of skeptics, to quit Smoking by yourself is quite real, writes

How to quit Smoking: ten steps

  • Try to avoid coffee and alcohol is the first satellite of bad habits. If used to organize coffee breaks with smoke, switch to tea or fruit juices. And coming get-togethers with Smoking friends cancel or transfer at least a month.
  • Drop dramatically – to just eliminate cigarettes from the life, and all that accompanied them, throw it away without regrets. So you can quit Smoking for two days, and on the second day the physical addiction to nicotine is almost not felt. Remains only a psychological factor with which to fight.
  • If the radical method is not for you, keep a calendar quit Smoking. Make a decision to reduce the number of cigarettes a day, for example, smoke not more often than once in two hours. And record data in a notebook. The next day increase the time by another hour, then another. By the end of the week you will be able to survive without a cigarette all day.
  • If there are no forces to resist a cigarette, drink a glass of liquid. Chew an Apple, gum or mint candy. In extreme cases, hold teeth floss and take a break on routine cases.
  • Avoid situations in which everything is always smoked: don’t go with colleagues on a break, after work go home and not to the club.
  • All the objects that are reminders of the habit, ruthlessly cross out of life. It does not place the gift mouthpieces, tubes, lighters and ashtrays.
  • Stop buy and take with you the cigarette to work or walk.
  • To understand how to quit Smoking in the home, will help exercise. Even in the first days they will be gentle and very pleasant. For example, buy a simple treadmill or a relaxing trainer. And gradually increase the intensity of training.
  • Calculate how much money you spend per month on Smoking. Set aside the money and buy them something incredibly pleasant. Or better – go to a good gym.
  • Will inform all friends about your decision. Invite Smoking friends to quit, argue that quitting Smoking for one day just.
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