Ukrainians cars with foreign numbers began fining: who threatens huge fines and who will take car

In Ukraine, more than 50 thousand cars with foreign numbers, according to the Customs service. At the same time, “Autoerosale”, which represents the interests of owners of bonded cars, confident that the real number of cars with foreign numbers about 1.5 million. The law permits foreigners to bring in their cars without paying the import duty and other taxes, but you can ride only a year. After that uncleared car must leave the territory of Ukraine. Instead, thousands of these cars resell Ukrainians “on the cheap”. The new owner threaten large fines for tax evasion and confiscation of cars.

Uncleared car is two times cheaper

The price of imported cars in the European Union, especially in the car to the 2010 release, several times lower than in Ukraine. For the same car, we can “ask” of 10 thousand dollars, and, for example, in Lithuania, is 4-5 thousand. But to buy the car in the EU and legally imported into Ukraine is not profitable – all savings “eat” the taxes. And the older the car, the more we have to pay for customs clearance. For a foreign car, you need to pay customs duty (10%), excise duty (its size can reach several thousand dollars and depends on the engine size and year of the car) and 20% VAT.

The result of not cleared car several times cheaper cleared. At the moment on one of the specialized sites put up for sale Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2005 issue of foreign numbers. Car want to sell for $ 6100. On the same site the same, but has cleared the car can be bought for 12-13 thousand dollars

Most of these machines are imported non-residents of the country, says the lawyer Alexander Plahotnik. They have the right to use the machine in the course of the year, but not to sell it. Instead, the car sold to the Ukrainians.

“In the Customs code clearly States that to sell such a car can not. Is part 10 of article 374, it is said: “Such vehicles cannot be used for purposes of entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine, to be disassembled, transferred to the possession, use or disposal of others”, – says the lawyer.

Director of the Ukrainian Association of automobile importers and dealers Oleg Nazarenko also sure to enjoy such a car can only nonresidents of the country. Thus Alexander Plahotnik notes: the law has several loopholes, which are often used by unscrupulous sellers. For example, if the machine is firm, a buyer can “hire” to ensure that he got the right 12 months to drive on uncleared car. In addition, each year will have to cross the border to renew the work contract. That is the law to own such a machine can not Ukrainian, but to drive it – Yes.

As explained by the website “Today” to “hot line” of the Fiscal service, driving without registration in the car, which the Ukrainians have brought themselves, just five days within a single region and for 10 days in several areas. Then you need to either again to cross the state border and the counter is reset, or pay for customs clearance. Violators face large fines.

What threatens the Ukrainians who have violated the Customs code

If the car is “delayed” for a day, will have to pay a fine of 85 hryvnias. If from one to ten days – 3400 hryvnias, if more than 10 days – 8500 hryvnia. Of the foreigner and the car can be arrested, and the Ukrainians be taken away and sent to a shtrafploshchadka. In the amount of the fine can reach hundreds of thousands of hryvnia. As already said, website “Today,” recently, the Kyiv appeal administrative court ordered the owner of the Mercedes-Benz E320 Lithuanian rooms and a fine of 300% of the unpaid amount of customs duties is more than 1.6 million UAH.

As explained by Alexander Plahotnik, the penalty can really make six figures, but only if law enforcement can prove that the owner of the car not just “missed” the deadline and have not managed to clear the car, and deliberately evaded the payment of tax. “Indeed, according to article 485 of NK can be fined 300% of the unpaid taxes and fees. If customs, for example, is worth 10 thousand dollars, the penalty can reach 30 thousand dollars. But it’s special cases, most often a fine – 8500 hryvnia,” – says the lawyer.

What threatens the Ukrainians who have violated the customs code:

  • The car stayed in Ukraine for a day – a fine of 85 hryvnias
  • From 1 to 10 days – a fine of 3400 UAH
  • More than 10 days – a fine of 8500 UAH
  • Refused to pay the fine – car arrest

If the foreigner has brought to Ukraine a car, and returned home without him, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies can apply in the country of the resident with the requirement to fine the offender. In addition, the machines without registration can be declared wanted.

How to buy cheap car itself

In July last year, the Parliament passed a bill 3251 2018, the excise rate on import of cars has significantly reduced. If this is for a car with an engine up to 1,000 cubic centimeters had to pay 1.09 to 1.44 Euro for every inch, after the innovation rate was reduced to is 0.102 euros. So, if in 2015 the excise tax on a car with engine capacity of 1000 cubic centimeters ranged from 1090 – 1440 euros in July last year it was reduced to 102 euros. However, it concerns only cars corresponding to Euro-5 standard. This machine, released after 2010. The law States: at a concessional rate of Ukrainian can only buy for yourself. To sell such a car only a year after purchase.

We will remind, as earlier wrote the website “Today”, the Verkhovna Rada registered four bills, which include an increase in the duration of transit vehicles. If the documents support the Ukrainians will be able to legally drive a car with foreign plates for more than 10 days. Or, as suggested by the authors of one of the bills each year to pay for the use of such a vehicle 6,000 hryvnia.