How to determine which spouse is dominant in the relationship

At each stage of life a person performs a particular function assigned to it by society or their own beliefs. Such manifestations of itself in the system of social relations psychologists have called the social role of the individual. Identified several fundamental roles, without the successful performance of which a person can not feel the fullness of life and satisfaction with themselves, according to the magazine “Liza”.

Let us consider some aspects of the distribution of roles in such a limited society, like family. After all, how to build roles, the wellbeing of the family.

The concept of “head of household” or “master of the house” is associated with managerial performance:

  • overall management of family life;
  • the adoption of important decisions;
  • family budget;
  • the choice of tactics of raising children.

Not so long ago the role in the family was exclusively male. But with the development of society, Patriarchal relations in the family has sunk into oblivion. According to sociological research in modern families are spread egalitarian gender relations (man and woman engaged in administrative functions together).

Most interesting is that the distribution of roles in the family begins in the courtship. And when a couple enters into marriage, often between spouses there are conflicts on this ground.

To such conflicts arise, it should immediately indicate who is responsible for what.

  • The breadwinner in the modern family is the one who is responsible for the welfare of the family and brings home the most money.
  • Clever is the one who stands out the order in the house and less responsible for the material welfare of the family.
  • Educator of children is the parent who agrees to take on this role. Of course, in this process should ideally be involved both parents, but a babysitter is someone or invited by the teacher. She also becomes a member of the family and touches on a parental role.
  • Responsible for leisure is not only the head of the family, but one who, enlisting their support, is responsible for the quality time spent together.
  • The role of sexual initiator in a pair are not always rests with the head of the family, so the parity of the roles are very appropriate.
  • The role of the family psychologist, as a rule, lies only on one of the family members.