Russia flaunts military might

Russia demonstrated on Sunday, his whole naval power during the annual celebration of Navy Day. Parades and demonstrations (military equipment) were held in all four corners of this vast country, as well as on Russian military bases abroad, including in Syria and annexed Crimea.

The celebrations began in Vladivostok. Dozens of military ships and submarines of the Pacific fleet of Russia, according to Russian state media, appeared for all to see.

The scale of celebration of Day of the Navy is “unprecedented”, noted military commentator Rogova Tyler (Tyler Rogoway), and together with an impressive parade of the people’s liberation army of China, held on the same day, “recalls the growth of the military competition in the world,” facing the United States.

Celebrations were also held in the West of the country — base of Russian Navy in Baltiysk. In the North of Russia in the celebrations took part the flagship of the Northern fleet aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” is based in Severomorsk.

But the main events took place in St. Petersburg, where Russian President Vladimir Putin watched the parade with the participation of 50 warships and submarines and 40 aircraft. The parade was attended by more than 5 thousand sailors of the Baltic, black sea, Northern, Pacific fleets and the Caspian flotilla.

“History of Russia is inseparably linked with the victories of the brave, fearless of the Navy, Putin said in a speech in which he talked about the history of the Navy and outlined its importance for the country. — Much had already been done for the development and updating of the Navy. Entering into operation of modern ships, improving the system of combat training of personnel.”

The celebrations came amid the visit of Vice-President Mike Pence (Mike Pence) in Estonia — the first phase of his Eastern European tour, during which he will also visit Georgia and Montenegro, to demonstrate to support them and NATO in the face of what the US administration calls the “destabilizing activities of Russia in Ukraine and in other countries.”

According to RT, a few carrier-based fighters su-33 and MiG-29K, recently carrying out military tasks in Syria, took part in the Airshow (during parade in Saint-Petersburg). According to state media, Putin said the commissioning of 30 new ships for the Russian Navy next year.

Two Chinese warships — missile destroyer Hefei and the frigate Wiped — also took part in the main festival in St. Petersburg. The presence of Chinese warships is “an important symbol of deepening military ties between Moscow and Beijing”, — stressed Rogova.

The presence of Chinese ships intrigued the Russians and became a source of pride for Chinese living and working in Russia. “I am very proud to see our ships, said in an interview with CCTV present at the parade of a Chinese citizen Tian Heaven (Haowen Tian). Because I feel the power of my country. And it helps to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens, who, like me working abroad”.

Day of Navy Fleet of Russia celebrated since 1939. Originally it was celebrated on 24 July, but in 1980 the Navy Day was moved to the last Sunday of July.