Pinched his fingers with pliers and tortured – Gerashchenko about the prisoner with disabilities

Released Ukrainian woman Lyudmila Surzhenko in captivity of militants of the so-called “LNR” pinched his fingers with pliers and put on the shackles. This was reported in Facebook, the representative of Ukraine in the Humanitarian sub-group of the Trilateral contact group on conflict settlement in the Donbass Irina Gerashchenko.

“On 19 July, when the representatives of ORLO lied on humanitarian Minsk group that do not have any information about the fate of women with impaired hearing (the letter with the requirement to provide information about her life was directed by the Ukrainian side immediately after the disappearance of Lyudmila), it was held in the so-called “MGB LNR” for four days tortured, his fingers were pinched with pliers, nose pliers, but he was in chains, hands still numb,” wrote Gerashchenko.

Gerashchenko said that the captives were required to provide a code from the mobile phone and admit to “espionage” and “sabotage.” She was tortured for 4 days and then 2 weeks illegally detained to be brought upon the traces of beatings and torture.

“The diplomats and the OSCE was informed about the disappearance of a person with special needs”, – said Gerashchenko, adding that the release Surzhenko was due to the influence of the international community.

She also recalled that the issue of torture will be discussed in the Humanitarian sub-group in THC July 31.

“Tomorrow it will be the subject of a hard conversation during a Skype-conference on hostages in the format of Minsk humanitarian group. Also I will require from the coordinator of the OSCE group to visit the Ukrainian hostages in the occupied territories, to which the years do not allow the ICRC and other international organizations,” wrote Gerashchenko.

Earlier it was reported, today, under public pressure, militants freed of disabled children with hearing Lyudmila Surzhenko. As it became known after his release, the militants tortured detained the woman. She was accused by the militants of the so-called “LC” in spying for the Ukrainian military and tortured.

After the liberation of the woman alone managed to cross KPVV “the village of the Luhansk” in a bad psychological state after which she was given the necessary medical assistance.

It is noted that the woman lived with her mother in occupied Luhansk. The militants arrested her just because she’s “the village” the battery in your hearing aid and she could not clearly answer questions.

Now Lyudmila Surzhenko provided with all necessary assistance, but it is in a very bad psychological state. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

“Lyudmila Surzhenko, abducted by terrorists released from captivity. She is now safe and under medical supervision in very severe psychological condition. Lyudmila provided with all necessary assistance, prepared appeals to international organizations and law courts. Lyudmila fighters “LNR” a prisoner was brutally tortured with pliers, had injured his hand. Those monsters were made from the woman’s confession on camera that she “works at the Ukrainian intelligence services”, – Groysman wrote on his page in Facebook.

It was also reported that Ukrainian judge Rudenko were released from captivity of the militants.

In the SBU said that the judge Rudenko, and a hostage Surzhenko was made in Minsk lists. “For their release, the Ukrainian government fought against the illegal detention. Active work for the liberation of the Ukrainian prisoners continues,” he added in a press-the Department center.