Road to nowhere

The fence makes the roadway safe for traffic, asphalt pavement broad and smooth, and it shows a white arrow, indicating the direction of movement, large ground shield proclaims that to Yakutsk remains of 1122 km. “There’s a nice road. Motorcycle flying at a speed of 130 and a sudden end,” describes a local resident this place on video mobile phone, which media have published all over Russia.

Some unnatural place in the Amur region. Right next to the shield cloth coated ends abruptly, the road cuts right into a slightly swampy mixed forest consisting of birches and pines, which is known as the taiga.

“Springboard, says the author of the video. Is brought trouble by the gentlemen of the road builders, they left a few trees to the trunk to crash, and fly on straight into the forest.” Road accidents are commonplace on the slopes is the bumper, the brake way of the car ends in the pit with water to the left of the springboard.

Hole filled with mud and potholes

“The impasse of high speeds”, according to the regional portal located near the town Solov’evsk and departs from the Federal highway A 360, which is thoroughly repaired over the years. Road length in 1163 kilometers was considered one of the worst in Russia, some areas in the spring turned into mud swamps that were buried hundreds of trucks.

“Now there is a lot of construction, especially the Federal roads are better,” says Paul Strabo, coordinator of the Federation of Russian car owners, from the Krasnoyarsk region in Central Siberia. But because of the short summer time work is often abruptly terminated, resulting in dramatically changing the quality of the road. And on the borders of the various regions of newly-repaired roads are often over potholes, which are broken axis machines.

And just in the sparsely populated Northern Siberia there are many “roads” on which you can ride only in cold weather. Due to lack of bridges, thousands in the spring of Siberian drivers risking their lives on brittle ice “winter roads” leading through the Irtysh or Yenisey.

Deadly parkour

And now half of Russia is trying to guess what can mean this thoroughly rebuilt and so abruptly ending road of Solov’evsk. “The white marking extends right to the cliff. Night to go there is extremely dangerous, ” writes in the comments of the user to RIA Novosti. The informational Agency entitles the article “Road to nowhere”. Here’s a road authority as if decided to put construction of the monument to the famous Russian saying that Russia has two misfortunes: fools and roads.

Administration Federal highway of never — Yakutsk on the contrary, told reporters that this road was built “for the future straightening of the road.” Anyway, now it will still install additional road shields and plastic barriers “to prevent the emergence of new incriminating video.” Nevertheless, it sounds as if no one is in a hurry to finish before the end of this fatal road dead end.