The EU summit adopted a seven-year community budget: how much to spend

The EU leaders also approved the Foundation of economic recovery

The heads of state and government of the EU reached on Tuesday, July 21, the agreement on the community budget for the years 2021-2027 the Foundation of economic recovery after the pandemic coronavirus in the amount of 750 billion euros. This was announced by the head of the European Council Charles Michel on the sidelines of the summit in Brussels, which lasted almost five days, reports TASS.

“Europe is strong, United Europe. We did it! We have reached an agreement on budget and Fund economic recovery. It was definitely difficult negotiations that resulted in strong and a good deal,” – said at the final press conference, Michelle.

“Historic day for Europe!” – wrote in his turn the President of France Emmanuel macron.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in turn, said that the EU has demonstrated its ability “to go unusual ways” and to reach a compromise.

“We came to a good conclusion,” she said.