The West will fall?

When you need to answer this question, we can say that not come to mind other alternative but as a short answer or a “Yes” or “no”. But one of these response options may not give a sufficient explanation. It is first necessary to clarify what is meant by West. In a narrow sense the concept “West” is used to refer to the European continent. But when viewed in a broad sense, one way or another you should consider different factors. Especially in the framework of certain criteria to the “West” can be attributed both America and Russia. On the other hand, when we introduce the concept of “West” in terms of technology and industrialization, we inevitably include countries that are actively developing technologies, such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and even Israel. From an economic point of view it is necessary to turn to other criteria. In the definition of “the West” from the point of view of realization of the rights and freedoms of the person you may get different results. For example, Russia, China in this case, it will probably be difficult to attribute to the West.

Without a doubt, the answer to the question “the West will fall?” in the context of logic and reasoning with regard to historical data — Yes. However, this response relies primarily on abstract rules, and, therefore, does not expect that the results always coincide with reality. Moreover, these rules are not the purpose of justification of reality and only perform the function of its realization.

This issue was raised in the media in the framework of the concept of “the West” from the point of view of one wealthy American named Rogers (Rogers) (like Soros). In his opinion, this or — at the latest next year, “the West” ruined the economic, or rather financial point of view, and, like Iceland, declare bankruptcy. So he along with his family and children moved to China. Financial transactions is the path and method that was generated and developed the capitalist system. They do not imply economic activity based on such concepts in the real economy, as production, consumption, supply, demand, price, profit, inflation, development. Therefore, the evaluation of the financier can be understood as a forecast of some negative developments observed in the financial sector, which is the method and result of capitalism, and in the Western financial world. And in order to understand the answer to the question of whether this will happen in fact, perhaps you need to pay attention for at least discussion and analysis of those involved in the economy. The fact that this person has settled in China, also it may seem funny from the perspective of “prophecy”, which he did. If, say, London or new York stock exchange will survive the crisis, is not going to affect the financial world, which views globalization as an advanced stage of capitalism? Or the crisis in Chinese or Japanese financial world will remain only within these countries?

In short, there is a logical inconsistency point of view, which was proposed by this man. It’s hard to imagine any aspect of it can be taken seriously.

Then why in some media, especially in a conservative, was given a vision of this person?

In my opinion, the fact that this kind of Declaration about “the West” was immediately publicized, it is appropriate to consider as a sign of psychological traps. We motivate the simplicity of the neglect problem is analysed, because the necessity and inevitability of methodical and systematic thinking is not fully understood. When the psychology comes into force in relation to “the West”, it provides a certain pleasure and satisfaction, at least temporarily. However, if the main problem is considered, for example, as a problem of civilization, then it must first be approached from the point of view of our existence, not someone else, our activities, our responsibilities, our shortcomings. Consider the disappearance of someone as a precondition of its own existence — a measure of distrust, inability, weakness, vulnerability. It becomes clear that in this situation, the existence may not have a lot of sense.