Behind the scenes of the scandalous movie about the “forest brothers”

A police Normunds Enums became a co-organizer of shots filmed with the financial participation of NATO’s controversial film “Forest brothers. Battle for the Baltic”, and had previously participated in demonstrations of small arms of the Wehrmacht for kids 5-6 years in Riga city kindergarten. However, the interior Ministry of Latvia sees no violations in the actions of the employee of the Latvian state.

A police Normunds Arums has a hobby of history, he holds the position of Director of the Museum of ancient history tērvete and participates in historical reenactments. It, however, is not about the pagan chiefs of the tribes proleterskih Viesturs and Namase heroically resisted the Germans. Weapons of the Wehrmacht and the uniform of the Latvian legionaries Waffen SS Latvian police officer is more than the story of the conquest and baptism of the population of the lands of the Livs, Curonians and Selonians, who lived in the fertile territory of modern Latvia in the thirteenth century before the advent of Duke albert and his clad in iron black knights. Let’s face it: as a historian, as a citizen and a patriot, the police officer sympathizes with the short and inglorious period in the history of the occupation of the Republic by the Third Reich.


The sad lessons of patriotism


In 2012, the members of the club “Latvian soldiers” Normunds Arums and Ivo Lembergs in the form of soldiers of the Latvian Legion of the SS with grenades, submachine gun MP-40 machine gun MG-34, in a private kindergarten “Owl” in the Riga district Purvciems conducted a history lesson for preschool children. It happened on March 16 in the day when in the Old town marching veterans of the SS Legion. It is unlikely that the kids, of course, figured out how to throw a grenade and shoot-gun “Machinegewehr”, held at the standard armament of the Wehrmacht, but was impressed. Kindergarten “Owl” belongs to the family of the Deputy of Parliament of Latvia Paradnieks that was there and was glad that his boys played with guns, even deactivated.


The lesson of patriotism turned into a scandal, the saber rattling of the kids in Riga have learned in Israel. To the events of March 16 in Latvia, when out of the dusty closet, almost with dine, carnival removed the skeleton in the form of a fascist, tel Aviv, and Brussels, Washington and Moscow equal treatment is very negative. The faction of “European United left/Left-green of the North” (GUE/NGL) in the European Parliament recently put forward a resolution on the punishment of the three Baltic States manifestations of Nazism.


Attempts to revise the history of the Second world war, as attempts to revise the indictment of fascism summary of the Nuremberg Tribunal, from Latvia noticeable all the time. The problem is not a General trend, demand for local historians and authors of school textbooks from the last century. Recently filmed art-propaganda film, in which former Nazi collaborators in the gray uniforms of the soldiers of the Wehrmacht with rifles K98 mazurovskii heroically fought the Communists, has also attracted the employee of police of Normunds of Aromsa. He helped to organize the filming of “Forest brothers. Battle for the Baltic” and he starred in this movie.


“Battle for the Baltic”: the infamous exploits


According to the archives, only the year 1945 “guardians of the Fatherland” made 154 murders, 33 of 230 sabotage and terrorist acts. Operating in Kurzeme grouping “forest brothers fighting for the Baltic countries”, consisted mainly of Waffen SS Legionnaires. They killed, according to various estimates, from 1.5 to 3 thousand people, including civilians.


To remove this movie, of course, and even necessary — freedom of speech is important, but without the propaganda and ideological deception. Stayed in the caches of the forest brothers and the members of the Sonderkommando Viktor Arajs, known for the burning in the first days of the German occupation Latvia Riga choral synagogue, which was burned alive 500 Jews. Arajs was sentenced in Germany to life imprisonment in 1988, he died in prison of the city of Kassel. But such criminals and murderers remain behind frames of the “Battle for the Baltic”.


MIA don’t mind?


Participation of the worker of police of Normunds of Eruma in such “creativity” of the Ministry of interior of Latvia does not regard as a violation. In response to the request of the newspaper “Today” the press service of the Ministry reported that “the situation in kindergarten was assessed as a whole and the violation was not seen. We remind, that investigation and disciplinary violations against officials of the state police Bureau of homeland security (Iekšējās drošības birojs)”.


All within the law and even beyond the morality and ethics, according to IDB. In principle, if so, in the framework of Patriotic education in Latvian schools and even in kindergartens is not worth typing lessons of mine blasting work, Assembly and disassembly at the time of the pistol “Parabellum” machine gun MG-34 and a course of conduct SpaceProbe prisoners of the Bolsheviks, partisans and Jews?