There will be no more stamp in the passport: how to register a place of registration through

There will be no more stamp in the passport: how to register the place of registration through “Diya” According to the new law, there will no longer be a paper attachment to the passport in Ukraine. Here's how to register your place of residence Today

Ukraine is completely changing the “registration philosophy” and now there is no need to go to the CNAP for an additional sheet, but to do everything online.

This was announced on his Telegram channel by the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov.

“We are destroying the stamp in the passport and the” piece of paper “to the ID-card. We are simplifying the top-service, the format of which has long become obsolete. You can register your place of residence online,” the minister wrote.

< p> According to Fedorov, today the relevant law as a whole was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.

Now you can indicate your actual address and receive confirmation from the owner of the property on the Diya portal.

The application will be processed in just one day and now Ukrainians will not need to visit several institutions and wait a whole month.

< p>“It will be possible to issue a pension, documents or receive medical assistance where you live, and not where your registration is. The place of registration will not give a person ownership of housing, but only notify the state where you live,” the minister wrote.

How to do this?

To do this, in the application, select the item “change of residence” and fill out an application. After that, the landlord must confirm it and authorize registration in the housing.

After that, all processes occur automatically – data begins to appear in the registry.

Fedorov said, that the service is now available in 7 cities and in an experimental format, but will soon be available to everyone.

New services in “Diє”

Soon, electronic certificates of recovery from coronavirus will appear in Ukraine and are available they will be in the Diya application.

The document will be valid for 90 days, and the doctor must enter the data on recovery into the system.

After entering the data, you can generate a certificate within 15 days.

Earlier, “Today” told what to do if the driver's license is not pulled up in the application.

They also wrote that a children's COVID certificate appeared in “Diy”.



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