Selection to the Supreme court: candidates and scandals

The high qualification Commission of judges of Russia (vkks) has published a list of people who are already in the near future may obtain the robe of a judge of the Supreme court (SC). “Today,” found out how many people dropped out in the process and why the results of the selection are dissatisfied experts.

BRAVE NEW COURT. The contest began in November last year — then it registered almost 1.5 thousand people, although the stage of evaluation reached only 625. The selection process that began in February 2017, was held in two stages, candidates had to deal with the test on knowledge of legislation and practical task. In addition, applicants underwent psychological tests, verification of NABOO, NACP and the Public Council of integrity (spetsorgan checking on candidates for compliance with professional ethics). In the end, the winners were 120 people. In the coming weeks, with the filing of the Vienna Convention, they should adopt the High Council of justice and pass a list of names to the President for signature.

Note that the leader in the number of applicants was in Kyiv (72), and from the Zaporozhye and Hmelnitsky areas, and annexed Crimea, the competition was not one.


  • The new Supreme court will consist of judges by three quarters the results of the competition

“This is the best the Supreme court over the past 25 years. The winners were 16 9 scientists and lawyers! In Portugal, there is a ten percent quota for categories “do not judge” in the composition of the sun. We are two and a half times higher than this figure”, — said the head of the CCG Sergey Koziakov, adding that the Supreme court 96% will consist of new people.

UTOPIA. However, among public men the number of claims to contest rolls. “Of the 120 candidates 94 people — current or former judges. Thus, the update of the justice system at the highest level by people who have not worked in the system, occurred only on 20%” — say in the public movement “Honestly”.

In turn, the negative conclusions of the Public Council of integrity (MDA) received every fourth contender. For example, a judge Anatoliy Yemets, who is aiming at a criminal wing aircraft of OSD have claims on several points. In their conclusion, the judge upheld the decisions of human rights violations, and it was recorded in the ECHR. He Emets did not specify this in its Declaration of integrity. In addition, the OSD believe that the candidate is deliberately understated in the electronic Declaration of the value of the house in the suburbs of Kiev almost 10 times.

A similar situation exists with judge Alexander Prokopenko who passed the contest in the appeal administrative court of the armed forces. Experts say the discrepancy of its anti-corruption criteria. In 2013, he supposedly inherited the apartment from his mother, which after a time specified in the Declaration as a service. Later, we cleaned the apartment from a list service, which, in the opinion of the representatives of OSD, allowed to privatise it. Secretary vkks Stanislav Sotka notes — a candidate may not drop out of the competition due to a negative decision of the PCA: “We looked at the complex how the weights set out in the conclusion, really make it impossible for future work of a person in court or still give him advice.”

The representative of OSD Roman Maselko said that the CCG worked about 40% of the negative conclusions of the Public Council of integrity. “And we expect that at the level of the High Council of justice trends will be worse. Of course, some of the people that we gave a negative assessment, will be eliminated, but they will be few, — says Maselko. But, again, it all depends on how society will react. If the reaction will be consolidated — will be eliminated more. But expect that there will be 100% “nedonoshennyh” candidates — utopia.”

THREE LEFT THEMSELVES. During the contest, several people came out of the race for a judicial seat. Among them was the acting President of the Supreme court of Ukraine Yaroslav Romaniuk. However, his statement Koziakov read out directly during the announcement of the competition results. It should be noted that Romaniuk has occupied 25-e a place with 724,5 points (maximum score is 1000 points). Note that throughout the selection of the judge actively criticized representatives of public organizations, accusing the dubious origin of property and the manipulation of practical tasks. He is the reason his withdrawal was not explained.

Another man who withdrew from the contest, was the ex-Deputy of the Supreme economic court of Arthur Emelyanov. It in October 2016 was accused of illegal intervention in activity of judicial bodies and set the bail at 1.5 million UAH. He paid bail, but the court is still ongoing. Finally, withdrew the documents and the judge of the Kyiv appeal administrative court Igor Petrik, whose SAP is suspected of receiving a bribe in 5 thousand dollars.