A reasonable diet without feeling hungry: tips nutritionists

Spring is the time to remove voluminous wool sweaters and go for light dresses. And to look great, you need not forget about her figure. Different diets can only hurt the body, but if you approach the diet the right way, it will help to lose and feel good, reports Lisa.

What rules in the diet to adhere to and how to make a diet sensible, know nutritionists.

Always eat Breakfast

Whatever diet you adhere to, according to many nutritionists, Breakfast skipping is strictly impossible.

Studies show that if Breakfast is – dense and is useful during the day does not appear strong feeling of hunger at lunch and dinner you will eat much less.

What can be called tight? The one that contains dairy products, cereals, eggs, and other protein and carbohydrate component. Remember that the secret to taming the appetite is not to eat low-calorie food, and to maintain a diet rich in proteins and slow-digesting carbohydrates. To useful carbohydrates, also called complex are cereals, which are very useful to use in the morning.

Ideal for Breakfast: omelette from two eggs, salad of 200 g and a piece of whole grain bread.

Three plus two

Analyze whether your diet of three full meals and two snacks. According to nutritionists, it helps not to overeat, but the hunger will not to remind myself. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and don’t eat 3 hours before bedtime.

Snacks — Yes

To snack or not — here the views of many experts at odds. So sometimes, the girl is sitting on a rigid diet, all time wants to eat, and the weight worth it. Why? In this case, most likely, the body includes a protective function and begins to accumulate fat reserves. As a result, according to nutritionists, appetite increases and I want to eat almost all the time.

So if you’re on a diet and always feel hungry, maybe the diet is chosen correctly. In this case, include in your diet more vegetables and fruits.

But remember that fruit is best consumed only up to 15.00 hours of the day! Perfect as a snack — any nuts — 20 g cheese — 40 g, banana or Apple, but not cookies or brownies.

Not two liters

As for the drinking regime, doctors do not always suggest to drink 1,5-2 liters of water a day. All individually, I think and dietitians. It is important that per 1 kg of body weight had 40 g of water.

Try to calculate what your limit is and stick to it! But it is necessary to drink water, not sugary drinks and juices. Interestingly, the lack of water in the body or dehydration comparable to the feelings with hunger. So very often, ordinary thirst is confused with hunger.

To understand it simply. If you just ate, but no sense of satiety before you eat the Supplement, drink a glass of water. Most likely, the extra no longer needed.

Water use is not even discussed, but unsweetened green tea with mint leaf also helps to get rid of feelings of hunger. Due to the presence of polyphenols in its composition green tea increases the heat transfer and promote weight loss.